Is Harold the Doll a “Deadly Possession?”

When I revealed in 2013 that I had the doll since 2004 (I still have it), one of the reasons was to clear up some of the myths about the doll. For example, the doll was not purchased at a flea market.

Secondly, no one tried to burn it and it wouldn’t burn.

Third, there haven’t been several owners since it was first sold on eBay. There have been two, to be exact. Kathy, and myself.

Kathy believed, and I’m sure still does, that the doll was responsible to the deaths of two of her friends while she had it. At first blush, it does seem to make sense. Both died shortly after coming into contact with the doll.

I, however, just today in fact, have come to the conclusion that just isn’t the case.  The doll, nor a curse connected to the doll, was not responsible in any way, shape, or form. Why do I say that?

For reasons too long to go into here, I believe that the doll is not possessed, but actually belongs to a “Prince of Hell.” A demon named in the Bible.

Now, it’s important for you to know that I did not believe in the existence of demons until events involving the doll, and a young boy in Australia I call “Vincent” (not his real name), happened that left me no choice. I believed that what the Bible said about such things was simply symbolic; and explanation of the evil that occurs to this day.

Now that I know what’s going on, it still took me more than a year to understand. According to Christian Scriptures, this particular demon and it’s minions do not have the power to kill those they attack, but they do have the power to make those they assault wish they were dead. 

In other words, neither the entity who calls himself “Harold,” nor the demon that Harold serves has the capability or authority to kill a human being. However, the idea that it can cause someone to wish they were dead… I believe explains the death of my friend, Tereva, who took her own life, last year around this time.

Again, the reason I believe that is too involved to go into here, and would involve making public things I haven’t made public up to this point.

Then there’s my puppy, Chance. I know the demon was responsible for his death. How do I know? It claimed responsibility in such a way, that I was even able to video the proof and I still have that video up on my YouTube channel.

I can tell you this as well… there have been many times I have found myself wishing I were dead. So is the doll, or more to the point, the demon whom the doll actually belongs to, responsible for the deaths of Kathy’s friends?

The answer is NO.

But I do believe that it can get into someone’s head and cause them to want to take their own life. I’ve been attacked to that point more times than I care to remember.

Dillon's drawing of what was mad that I took the doll to church.Larry's dog6

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Harold High Resolution Back Cover 2

Who is the demon? What is it’s name? How did I learn it’s identity? Click here to find out!





2 thoughts on “Is Harold the Doll a “Deadly Possession?”

  1. Working my way through the book, but curious about something; it seems as though your blog posts form something of “continuing updates” following the book’s release. Are there plans for an additional book or compilation – or a reissue of the original – that includes and addresses this additional information? Or, since I’m not finished with the book, is this information already present and I just haven’t gotten to it, yet?

    1. Thank you for the great question!

      There’s much more to the story than I wrote, because of privacy reasons, and because I couldn’t “prove” some of the things that Vincent shared with me. For example, I’m 99.99% positive i know the identities of three of the four spirits imprisoned in the doll. I’ve, in fact, been to their home. Revealing where that home is would create a nightmare for the people who own it now.

      Plus, things continue to happen this day. So, the answer to one of your questions is “yes,” this blog site is to keep people up to date with much of what’s been going on as I continue to try to find out the truth about what is going on with the doll, and why.

      Will there be another book? I honestly don’t know to be honest with you. But then again, I really hadn’t planned on writing the first book about the doll either.

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