Harold the Doll wants me to stop “meddling.”

I talked about this in my last two posts –

‘hey there…. i just got another message for you from you know who…. it reads “Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…. again we dance the dance???? do you know how many there have been before you??? and how many there will be after you???? you and your helpers… they will be dealt with in time…. tell “vincent” that i will pay special attention to him soon…. tell Dustin that he can’t stop me…”

“Vincent” is the name of the young boy I wrote about in my book. He and his family were attacked to the point the Catholic Church was called in to help.

After my last post, in which I talked about discovering who Dustin is, and how he contacted me after having to go to the E.R.,  I heard from Vincent’s mum who told me he ended up in the hospital with a viral infection.

I can tell you that she had no idea about the threat against her son by Harold, and she still doesn’t know.

The threats haven’t stop. Last night I heard from Ken again –

he says that no matter what you all do, he will never give up what is his…. you cannot stop him… others have tried and failed…

tell your friends to be on guard… he just said ‘enough about me… tonight it is going to be about one of the meddlers helpers… i will come back and let you know…’

Whatever was supposed to happen, now he is laughing… cackling actually…. he says, ‘if i want to hurt someone, do you think that i” have to do it… i can get to people any way i want to…’ he is saying in a sing-song voice ‘i have helpers too….’

The entity was specific about what was supposed to happen. I haven’t heard from anyone who has told me that they were hurt in the way “Harold” said it would happen, and I’m hoping I don’t. But after Dustin, and then Vincent….

 Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Harold High Resolution Back Cover 2


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