Harold Makes Good on His Threat.

In my last post, “Harold Threatens Me… Again,” there was this passage –

‘hey there…. i just got another message for you from you know who…. it reads “Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…. again we dance the dance???? do you know how many there have been before you??? and how many there will be after you???? you and your helpers… they will be dealt with in time…. tell “vincent” that i will pay special attention to him soon…. tell Dustin that he can’t stop me…”

“Vincent” is the name of the young boy I wrote about in my book. He and his family were attacked to the point the Catholic Church was called in to help.

But Dustin? I couldn’t think of who that could be.

Last night I woke up from a sound sleep around 12:30 am. I was wide awake and I had no clue why. Then @ 1:01 a.m. I received the following on Facebook Messenger –

Hey buddy I got a question for you I know you probably get this a lot but can you do like online readings about health and stuff I’m in absolute pure torment tonight with with back. 

I looked to see who sent it to me. His name is Dustin. All of a sudden chills went up and down my spine. He had actually messaged me before, but I’d forgotten about it.

Here’s part of his previous messages –

Anthony may i talk to you please i have some info i think you might want to know
this happen to me about 2 days ago and haven’t really try to talk to anyone about for the simple fact It could jeopardize my job as a ******* and plus I dont want people to think im a complete fruitcake
a cpl of nights ago i had horrible dream and Harold was present in the dream
I cant remember much details from this dreams simply cause i not goot at remembering dreams but the few details i do remember was like i was on hell but hell was not on fire
I remember be chased and tormented by a lot of demons and for some reason Harold was present and was one of the ones tormenting me
That’s about all i remember from the dream cause i did wake up but the next mornings i was taking a shower and noticed that when they water and soap i was using touched my left lower leg i had a real bad burning stinging pain
I checked that out and saw i had a small burn on my leg that i can not explain
i have not injured myself in anyway lately so i no it could not have been self inflicted or done by accident
I am wondering if this could have anything to do with Harold even though i have never seen him or come in contact with him except for online ?
That was back in January of this year. Then last night he wrote –
Hey buddy I got a question for you I know you probably get this a lot but can you do like online readings about health and stuff I’m in absolute pure torment tonight with with back.
Oh… my… God… have you read my latest blog post?
Actually no I haven’t I’m sorry I do follow your page and post but they don’t always show up on my wall I’m sorry if I offended you or did something wrong
I sent him a copy of my last blog post.
I didn’t do it what ever it was just got back for the ER got 3 bulgeing discs in my back 2 shots of morphine I’m still in pure torment of pain. Just pure pain like someone is stabbing me in the back can’t bend over what so ever hurts to sit down on bend feels like I have a Mac truck sitting on my lower back and extremely tight and tense.
After he read the post, he wrote –
WTF it says my name in the first paragraph! Dude that weird as heck
Dustin and I messaged back and forth for about an hour.
Well I mean no disrespect but if you can please make this son of a gun back off I’m in tears I’m in so much pain.
I explained to him that I’m still trying to understand why some people are attacked, and others aren’t. I’m told all of the time by people how they don’t believe what I’m saying because they “provoked” the doll and nothing happened. (I’m convinced that there are people who have done just that, paid the price, and won’t talk about it.)
And then there are people who have done no such thing, like my friend Camille, who I wrote about in my book, and has been attacked just a week ago, and now Dustin.
After last night, talking to Dustin, I’m do believe I’m beginning to understand what’s going on. I know that the demon that owns the doll, and the entity that calls itself, “Harold.” want me to back off – ideally, give the doll away, or give up my search for the truth completely. They know how much anguish it causes me knowing that innocent people are being hurt.
But I also believe that the reason I have the doll is that God, in all of eternity, couldn’t find a bigger, more stubborn, bonehead, than me. The demon is strong, but God is stronger!
All of this only makes me more determined to find out the truth about what is going on with the doll, and faster… and end this whole thing….
Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Harold High Resolution Back Cover 2

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