Harold the Doll Threatens Me… Again.

I’ve mentioned my friend Kenneth before. When it comes to Harold the Doll, I get a lot of advice, opinions, and “revelations” from psychics, mediums, demonologists, and “exorcists.” There are very few I trust, or even take seriously. Kenneth is one of them. I received the following from him  –

‘hey there…. i just got another message for you from you know who…. it reads “Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…. again we dance the dance???? do you know how many there have been before you??? and how many there will be after you???? you and your helpers… they will be dealt with in time…. tell “vincent” that i will pay special attention to him soon…. tell Dustin that he can’t stop me…”

That was it… it just came through to me about 10 minutes ago… the name vincent HAD to be in quotes… they were really dark on the paper so i thought that it was important…. i don’t know who Dustin is, but i got the feeling you would know….
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but i felt that it was imperative to get you the info….
Thoughts and prayers for you, my brother!!!!’

Then –

‘it came out of the blue… i was relaxing in my room listening to music and just kind of drifting in and out of sleep… i started shaking (i wasn’t cold, so i kind of knew what was coming) and i grabbed my notebook and a pen and just started writing… i knew who it was even before i began writing your name because i felt like i needed a shower as it started… i do not envy you the burden that you carry…. if you ever need me, just let me know!!!!’

Unfortunately, I don’t know who “Dustin” is. Neither does Ken.

“Vincent” is the pseudonym of the young boy I talk about in my book who had a face to face encounter with the demon who actually owns the doll.

Then last night, I saw this for the first time, even though it was sent to me more than a week ago (reprinted with permission) –

Hi, I know you don’t know me but I know about you from your work with Harold. I was speaking last night with someone about Harold. Saying I have an extreme interest in the doll as I am a medium. I was discussing with them how I didn’t fear him because he seemed so….. Sad. I told them I feared what was controlling the sadness inside Harold. After speaking I went to bed and could only dream about Harold and this black… Man I saw with him….. I woke up today feeling drained. I was just doing some reading on him and I have hives now suddenly and I can’t stop scratching at my palms. I know it sounds crazy but…… I do believe it to be a rather strange coincidence that they happened together with no other aggravating circumstances. Any information you could provide would be helpful. I hope this letter finds you well. 
Michele (name changed by request)
Also your videos won’t play for me…. At least if Harold is in them….they look like someone is making ripples in a pond and go out of focus
But if you are alone it’s fine
This just appeared on me. 
I have been in touch with Michele and after a lengthy conversation, in which she’s shared with me more events that have happened since sending me the above, I do believe her to be legit.
Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Harold High Resolution Back Cover 2

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