Review of Harold the Haunted Doll Book!

The latest review of my book on Amazon!

“I have long been fascinated by Harold and other dolls when I saw a you tube video, 10 most haunted dolls. Harold has a way to draw you in when you don’t want to b drawn in.

I have never seen the doll personally and would love to just have a peek at him. The picture of Harold on the books cover makes me want to cuddle him as I have told the author, I want to mother the doll.

As far as the book goes, I feel it is brilliantly written. It is easy to follow the plight of Anthony and his friends as they have harrowing encounters with the entities in and outside the doll. The pictures scattered throughout the pages really bring life to the written words and events taking place. It makes the reader believe these events are real in a very surreal way, it draws you into a world of the unknown and this makes the book hard to put down.

I read it in less than 2 days and have my own feelings about Harold and have relayed these feelings to the author. Whether he thinks I am a nut remains to be seen.

All I can say is if you purchase this book, and I recommend it, prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of emotions from fear, although this not an emotion I felt, to sadness, sorrow and humor. I don’t mean humor in the hahaha sense but in the way the author expresses himself when repeating the experiences others have had and communicating those experiences.

This book is written without foul language unless it is pertinent to what is being relayed and I find this refreshing. I would like to a second book on what Anthony has found out about Harold that is mentioned in this book without going into any detail, in fact there is nothing to hint at what has been found other than the mention he knows who is trapped in the doll and that it would take another book to explain it all. I want to see that book come to fruition.

I loved everything about this book and am sorry that Anthony and others have gone through what they have. In closing there is a saying that goes like this: the living don’t mess with the dead, the dead don’t mess with the living but if you try to hurt the dead, they will hurt back with a vengence.”

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2

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