Am I’m being deceived by Harold the Doll?

I received a great question from my friend, Marc Arvilla, who along with Lauren Sheridan, created Salem Con. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you, along with my answer.

What if the information you are following is being given to him to give to you to keep you moving away from answers instead of towards?

When I first started seriously investigating hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeist activity back in 1990, I was taught by the best in the business, among them, Loyd Auerbach. I learned from him that this activity is a human experience, and so the use of psychics was not only important, but essential.

When I won Harold the Doll in an eBay auction back in 2004, the first thing I did was use equipment (EMF meters, a digital camera, a 35mm camera, and a digital recorder) to try to determine if there was anything to Kathy’s (the woman whose auction I won the doll from) claims. It wasn’t until I recorded an EVP of a threat being made against April Palmer, a friend who was also a gifted Psychometrist, that I realized that there was something going on.

A year later, I became convinced that not only was there something “paranormal” going on, but that whatever “it” was, it was also dangerous. I put it in storage with the idea of investigating the doll further, after all the interest in it died down.

Fast forward to 2013. My friend, LaShan Coker, told me about a video on YouTube about Harold. I watched it and was stunned to see two things. First of all, the information was based on the original eBay listing about the doll – which was a hoax.

Secondly, there were 33,000 views of the video!

I decided to let people know that I own the doll…, that the original listing and claims about Harold were nonsense, and to resume my investigation of the doll – using psychics and equipment, again.

Through a series of events, the doll was featured on Ghost Adventures. People who weren’t psychics started coming forward with information about the doll. The crazy thing, to me, was that I was keeping things close to the vest, but these people were sharing things with me that were incredibly similar to each other!

One of those was Vincent, and his mother, Jane. Vincent has been diagnosed as being moderately to severely autistic, and at the time was only 6 years old.

Of all the people who claim to be psychic, Vincent is the only one who has provided me with information that Donna Nikolla, and I could verify. Others have told me that I need to take their word as to what they say is going on with the doll. The ironic thing is that Vincent probably ISN’T a psychic.

There is so much going on, including things that Vincent has told me that I haven’t shared publicly, but have proven to be true later, that I trust him completely. I can’t say the same thing for the other psychic types who have tried to help. I .should say, all except one, Erica Goodson.

This is the reason I trust Vincent completely.

I am aware, however, that there is a demon involved. This demon is even named in the Bible. I am also aware that this demon will do anything to keep me from finding and revealing the truth about the doll.

The information Vincent provides me with seems to be coming from someone who wants the three souls imprisoned in the doll to be set free, and has, for some reason, chosen me to help free them.

Anthony U Quinata's photo.
Anthony U Quinata's photo.

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