Damn you, Anthony, damn you! Part 2

I responded to this post, asking what the writer was referring to –
“Is there really nothing you could do, at this point I’m willing to try anything I’m desperate and i need help please msg me back without anything else to say Damn you Anthony damn you.”
This is the response I received –
“i tried selling your telling book on eBay and i got it returned without a return address i wondered how this happened. i tried to burn it but the fucking thing won’t light.
it almost seems like this book moves, also the things i said 3 months ago have not stopped I’m waking up with bruises on my arms and legs I’m afraid of going home now this is not what a household should feel like my poor puppy seems to notice it to jumping to my room in the middle of the night and cowering in fear.”
I don’t remember what Sean supposedly said three months ago to be honest.
Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2

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