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The latest review of my book on Amazon!

“I have long been fascinated by Harold and other dolls when I saw a you tube video, 10 most haunted dolls. Harold has a way to draw you in when you don’t want to b drawn in.

I have never seen the doll personally and would love to just have a peek at him. The picture of Harold on the books cover makes me want to cuddle him as I have told the author, I want to mother the doll.

As far as the book goes, I feel it is brilliantly written. It is easy to follow the plight of Anthony and his friends as they have harrowing encounters with the entities in and outside the doll. The pictures scattered throughout the pages really bring life to the written words and events taking place. It makes the reader believe these events are real in a very surreal way, it draws you into a world of the unknown and this makes the book hard to put down.

I read it in less than 2 days and have my own feelings about Harold and have relayed these feelings to the author. Whether he thinks I am a nut remains to be seen.

All I can say is if you purchase this book, and I recommend it, prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of emotions from fear, although this not an emotion I felt, to sadness, sorrow and humor. I don’t mean humor in the hahaha sense but in the way the author expresses himself when repeating the experiences others have had and communicating those experiences.

This book is written without foul language unless it is pertinent to what is being relayed and I find this refreshing. I would like to a second book on what Anthony has found out about Harold that is mentioned in this book without going into any detail, in fact there is nothing to hint at what has been found other than the mention he knows who is trapped in the doll and that it would take another book to explain it all. I want to see that book come to fruition.

I loved everything about this book and am sorry that Anthony and others have gone through what they have. In closing there is a saying that goes like this: the living don’t mess with the dead, the dead don’t mess with the living but if you try to hurt the dead, they will hurt back with a vengence.”

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2

“I’m crazy about Harold the Doll!”

I need some help and since you told me to please stay in touch with you I am asking for an explanation if you have . I purchased your book, Harold the Haunted Doll from Amazon and received it today. I have read about a 3rd of it and cannot put it down. It’s fascinating. Now here is my problem.

Throughout portions of what I have read, I see where people have stated Harold, “Adam, if that’s the name of the entity associated with the doll” is an ugly doll and when they do, something would happen to them such as backaches, scratches, bites, black eyes, migraines, what have you. You have even stated you think he is ugly. Personally I am drawn to the picture on the cover of your book. I talk to his picture and played games with his picture. I know I sound demented but, as I have previously told you he fascinates me.

Let me get to the crux of this message. I am not going to claim I am a sensitive but can sense emotion associated with people and things. I look at the picture of Harold and I see a mistreated little boy that is angry, very angry. Now if its true that he was a molested child, he would have been told things probably like he is ugly, that no one but his molester could love him, so on and so forth. The belittling he took had to weigh heavy on him making him feel worthless.

I look at his picture and see the damage to his vessel, and associate it to the damage done to him, if he truly was molested. I tell his picture he is cute and a beautiful doll. I Tell him the damage is superficial to his “skin” and that I see a very hurt child. He looks like he is giggling and grinning when I talk to his picture and his eyes are very bright. I rub his little face and tell him I wont hurt him and poke his belly, tickle. his toes, and get his nose. I know this sounds absurd but I am a mother and grandmother. I feel no fear from him or in what I have read so far.

Why is it that I feel something completely different from anyone else that looks at him or has any contact with him? I know its just a picture on the cover of your book but, I feel a connection with him in a motherly nurturing way. I just want to pick him up and cuddle him and tell him its going to be ok. Is he doing something to me?

Have I lost my mind? I am perfectly at ease and comfortable with him.

He almost looks giddy in the picture? Can you explain this please?

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Tammy (I’ve changed the name for purposes of privacy)

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

Based on what you wrote, I have a fairly good idea where you are in my book. I’m happy to see that you’re intrigued with what you’ve read so far. However, there is MUCH MORE to the story, as you’ll find out.

What you’re experiencing is what I refer to as, “The Harold Effect.” Many, not all, look at the picture, watch my vlogs, read my book, or have little if any interest in the doll, and will experience an adverse reaction.

Of course, many people will experience NOTHING at all.

And of course, there are those who have an experience, but either won’t admit to it, or explain it away.

But I have heard, from others like yourself, people who will tell me that they the same way you do.

Why is that? The ONLY explanation I have at this point is that there is the spirit that calls himself, “Harold,” which is one of those imprisoned in the doll.

The there is the real owner of the doll who is not me. I’ve learned I’m only it’s caretaker.

“Harold,” and the one who the doll really belongs to are BOTH liars, tricksters, and manipulators. NEITHER one of them want me to have the doll because of my continuing, relentless, search for the truth behind what’s going on with it.

Having said that, I believe that you feel the way you do towards it because the entities want YOU to have the doll, but don’t be fooled. As you’ll learn when you finish my book, God protects children and fools, and I’m the fool who has the misfortune of having the doll in my care.

Harold cover photo

Am I’m being deceived by Harold the Doll?

I received a great question from my friend, Marc Arvilla, who along with Lauren Sheridan, created Salem Con. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you, along with my answer.

What if the information you are following is being given to him to give to you to keep you moving away from answers instead of towards?

When I first started seriously investigating hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeist activity back in 1990, I was taught by the best in the business, among them, Loyd Auerbach. I learned from him that this activity is a human experience, and so the use of psychics was not only important, but essential.

When I won Harold the Doll in an eBay auction back in 2004, the first thing I did was use equipment (EMF meters, a digital camera, a 35mm camera, and a digital recorder) to try to determine if there was anything to Kathy’s (the woman whose auction I won the doll from) claims. It wasn’t until I recorded an EVP of a threat being made against April Palmer, a friend who was also a gifted Psychometrist, that I realized that there was something going on.

A year later, I became convinced that not only was there something “paranormal” going on, but that whatever “it” was, it was also dangerous. I put it in storage with the idea of investigating the doll further, after all the interest in it died down.

Fast forward to 2013. My friend, LaShan Coker, told me about a video on YouTube about Harold. I watched it and was stunned to see two things. First of all, the information was based on the original eBay listing about the doll – which was a hoax.

Secondly, there were 33,000 views of the video!

I decided to let people know that I own the doll…, that the original listing and claims about Harold were nonsense, and to resume my investigation of the doll – using psychics and equipment, again.

Through a series of events, the doll was featured on Ghost Adventures. People who weren’t psychics started coming forward with information about the doll. The crazy thing, to me, was that I was keeping things close to the vest, but these people were sharing things with me that were incredibly similar to each other!

One of those was Vincent, and his mother, Jane. Vincent has been diagnosed as being moderately to severely autistic, and at the time was only 6 years old.

Of all the people who claim to be psychic, Vincent is the only one who has provided me with information that Donna Nikolla, and I could verify. Others have told me that I need to take their word as to what they say is going on with the doll. The ironic thing is that Vincent probably ISN’T a psychic.

There is so much going on, including things that Vincent has told me that I haven’t shared publicly, but have proven to be true later, that I trust him completely. I can’t say the same thing for the other psychic types who have tried to help. I .should say, all except one, Erica Goodson.

This is the reason I trust Vincent completely.

I am aware, however, that there is a demon involved. This demon is even named in the Bible. I am also aware that this demon will do anything to keep me from finding and revealing the truth about the doll.

The information Vincent provides me with seems to be coming from someone who wants the three souls imprisoned in the doll to be set free, and has, for some reason, chosen me to help free them.

Anthony U Quinata's photo.
Anthony U Quinata's photo.

THIS is why Harold the Doll isn’t in a museum.

People have often wondered why I’m in New England. It’s a long story but, in part, its because last August, 2015, Vincent drew a picture with the word, Cockermouth, on it, and said I needed to go there. A little research on my part revealed he had drawn the Cockermouth River.

In December, he painted a picture of the same location saying again, that I needed to go there to find out answers regarding Harold.

Cockermouth drawingCockermouth pain


March 22nd, 2016, I made it there.

Cockermouth 22Cockermouth 1

I didn’t get the “answers” I thought I would, at least not until I was leaving the area. Then I saw something and couldn’t sleep last night thinking of all of the things Vincent said to me. Then I realized that I did get an answer, or a clue, that points to the right direction as to how this could have happened to begin with!

This is why I haven’t sold the doll, or put it in a museum. I believe there are at least 3 souls imprisoned in the doll that need to be released. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind who would go to the lengths I’ve gone through to find out how this happened, and how to release them.

I’ll be following up on the lead, but in the meantime, I have a lot of research to do.

Special thanks to Donna Nikolla. ❤

Do you want to learn the truth about the doll?

Did Harold the Doll do this?

After weeks of remaining quiet, it seems as though the entity in the doll may be becoming active again. Why? I have no clue. It could have something with what my plans are in the near future.

In any case, I’ve been hearing from more people claiming to be attacked by the spirit that calls itself Harold. Not that it’s been entirely quiet. It’s attention seemed to be centered on me for the longest time, and so I haven’t been mentioning them. Things like –

When Pope Francis was in New York, being a Roman Catholic myself, I had the television on channels that were covering his visit. And I had Harold propped up in front of the television, in his bag. My puppy Bentley would hide under the bed whenever I’d do this.

Another time, while I had the television on to the Papal Mass, I had my back turned, heard a noise, turned around, and the bag, which had been propped up, was laying on the bed, turned over, upside down, with the flap closed.

Then there was the time I had, without thinking, put a copy of a book I was reading about Mother Teresa on top of the book I’d written about Harold. A few minutes later, the book was laying on the floor. The book about Harold remained where it was.

These are but a few of many things that have happened with the doll that I’ve chosen not to talk about, until now.


Recently, a woman posted this on Harold’s community group –

Hi everyone, so I’ve been scared to post this, but yesterday, ever since I commented on one of Anthony U Quinata post about someone contacting him about being attacked, this bruise/scratch thing has been forming on my right leg. I don’t know what it is or if it’s in any way related to something paranormal but it’s been really freaking me out. To me it almost looks like a bite mark, and it’s very swollen. I’m not sure what to make of it but was hoping some of you or Anthony could help me figure this out because I’m really freaked out. I haven’t really left my apartment since then, and I can’t think of any way I could have hurt or bruised myself.


Harold bite

The controversy this post and pic caused…, even amongst my team members who know more about the doll and what it’s capable of , amazed me.

Do I know that the doll was responsible for this? No, I don’t and I’ve said as such. I do think that the timing suggests that it could be.

But people have brought up the hackneyed argument that other people have bought the book and nothing has happened to them. Well, I’ve personally heard that people die in car accidents, but it’s never happened to me so I don’t believe it really happens.

I’ve heard that a city in Moscow exists, but I’ve never been there, so I seriously doubt it.

I’m being facetious, of course. My point is that this could potentially be one of the most important cases in the history of the paranormal, and people who have even taken the time to read my book are critical and dismissing of it, because in their experience…. What’s interesting to me is that people who were critical or skeptical of the book and let me know they were beforehand, I’ve never heard from after they read my book.

Which was my point before when I was promoting it. Read it, and then decide if you still think I’m lying.

Damn you, Anthony, damn you! Part 2

I responded to this post, asking what the writer was referring to –
“Is there really nothing you could do, at this point I’m willing to try anything I’m desperate and i need help please msg me back without anything else to say Damn you Anthony damn you.”
This is the response I received –
“i tried selling your telling book on eBay and i got it returned without a return address i wondered how this happened. i tried to burn it but the fucking thing won’t light.
it almost seems like this book moves, also the things i said 3 months ago have not stopped I’m waking up with bruises on my arms and legs I’m afraid of going home now this is not what a household should feel like my poor puppy seems to notice it to jumping to my room in the middle of the night and cowering in fear.”
I don’t remember what Sean supposedly said three months ago to be honest.
Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2

“Damn you, Anthony, damn you.”

I’m not sure what this is about, but I received it on Harold’s YouTube channel –

“Is there really nothing you could do, at this point I’m willing to try anything I’m desperate and i need help please msg me back without anything else to say Dam you Anthony dam you.”

I’m guessing someone challenged Harold, and is now paying the price. I’m afraid that this probably happens more often than I hear about.

Harold @ Pierce Mansion2