Another Personal Experience with Harold the Doll

Hey anthony… ty for taking on this burden..i look forward to reading ur book! here is my personal experience with harold..ive been fascinated and frightened by him since i first heard of him – so i try to watch vids about him whenever i can..i say TRY because i can rarely bring them up-my wifi -internet connection can b very strong..i can watch video after video on youtube but as soon as i try to watch harold im disconnected! i have to reconnect my wifi and try several videos before finally i can watch one about harold! i wonder if u have heard this before? blessings on u and the poor troubled souls trapped in him! peace✌

Amanda Bourke

Thanks for sharing Amanda! I receive reports such as yours all of the time, but I usually choose not to share them anymore. I do want to thank you, again, for your kind words, though.

I’m still hanging in there, trying to understand what’s going on and why, but it is taking it’s toll on me. I can only hope that this all ends sooner than later. Until then, please keep me, the souls imprisoned in the doll, and those who are helping me, in your prayers!



Anthony Quinata


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