Haunted Harold Nightmare is Coming to An End

Vincent drew a picture for me with the number 5. Dillon's 5 picture


His mother asked him what it meant and he said, “Uncle Ant knows.”

I didn’t until I was doing some research for my next book about the doll. It turns out it has to do with a Biblical prophecy.

He recently said that when I find “the blue stone,” Harold and the blue stone

I’d receive an answer that would make me smile bigger than I’ve smiled in a long time. I found the “blue stone.”

Dillon's Pendant 4

He then drew “the answer.” It has to do with a location. He said that when I get there, the “black thing” won’t be happy.

Dillon's Answer

I received “the answer” and it did make me happier than I’ve been in a LONG time. I’m planning to go to the location this Wednesday, and let Vincent’s mum know. She said he was “really happy” and made another picture for me, which he slept with.

Dillon's Answer #2

I’m happy to say that what was foretold in the first picture, ended yesterday. Which is probably why a friend of mine messaged me warning me to be careful because he felt anger and a sense of futility coming from the demon last night.

To me it means the beginning of the end of this nightmare has begun.


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