Haunted Harold Nightmare is Coming to An End

Vincent drew a picture for me with the number 5. Dillon's 5 picture


His mother asked him what it meant and he said, “Uncle Ant knows.”

I didn’t until I was doing some research for my next book about the doll. It turns out it has to do with a Biblical prophecy.

He recently said that when I find “the blue stone,” Harold and the blue stone

I’d receive an answer that would make me smile bigger than I’ve smiled in a long time. I found the “blue stone.”

Dillon's Pendant 4

He then drew “the answer.” It has to do with a location. He said that when I get there, the “black thing” won’t be happy.

Dillon's Answer

I received “the answer” and it did make me happier than I’ve been in a LONG time. I’m planning to go to the location this Wednesday, and let Vincent’s mum know. She said he was “really happy” and made another picture for me, which he slept with.

Dillon's Answer #2

I’m happy to say that what was foretold in the first picture, ended yesterday. Which is probably why a friend of mine messaged me warning me to be careful because he felt anger and a sense of futility coming from the demon last night.

To me it means the beginning of the end of this nightmare has begun.

Is there a connection between Harold the Doll and Aleister Crowley?

I just stumbled upon something that suggests that there might be a connection to the answer I’m supposed to receive and Aleister Crowley!
In case you don’t know who Crowley, he is primarily known for his occult writings and teachings. He founded the religion of Thelema, which became adopted by the Ordo Templis Orientis (O.T.O.) as well as the magical order Argenteum Astrum, the Order of the Silver Star. He was also referred to (primarily by himself) as “The Evilest Man In the World.

Was the man who calls himself “Harold” a follower of Crowley’s teachings? Did they know one another? I’m fairly certain that they at least knew of one another. I’m following a clue provided by Vincent to an area that I just discovered Crowley spent time at. Vincent said that when I get there, I’ll find a answer I need that will help me solve the mystery of the doll and how to free the three souls trapped inside of the doll.


The Blue Stone

The night of my attack last week, Vincent’s mom told me he was half asleep saying I needed to find the “blue stone.” Well, I did happen to see one a couple of days before, and told her so. She was shocked.

A couple of days later, Jane messaged me saying he asked her again, if I had found the blue stone. I sent her a picture of the blue stone I was talking about, and she showed it to him. He looked at it and asked if I found the blue stone.

I sent her another pic of another blue stone (turquoise actually). He again said I needed to find the blue stone.

I went to the local metaphysical store and took pictures of blue crystals. Nope.

I took pictures of a local diner, “The Blue Moon Cafe.” Uh… no.

He asked again, a couple of more times this past week. “He’s really focused on you finding the blue stone,” Jane told me.

Vincent said that before I move on I need to find the blue stone and make a movie about my book. Sent Jane the book trailer. (“Scared the shit out of me to be honest with you.”) She told Vincent I had done it. He smiled and said, “He’ll hear good news soon. Did he find the blue stone?”

“I have an idea,” I told Jane. “Ask him to draw what the blue stone looks like.”

Around 3:30 this morning (6:30 pm, Australia) I received a messaged. “Your blue stone.”

Guess, what I’m looking for today.Harold and the blue stone

Why was I attacked by the Harold the Doll?

It’s been a week since I was attacked by the demonic entity that owns the doll. I have cracked ribs, but the pain is down to a point where it’s manageable without pills.
Why did it happen? I refused to warn someone who supposedly going to deal with the demon by sending it back to hell. I didn’t pass the warning on because I wanted to see what would happen.
Ironically, he didn’t even attempt to do what he said he was going to do after I was attacked because he said I was too “attached” to the idea that the demon was stronger than it really is. O…kay. I still haven’t figured out what that means exactly. After all, if that really were the case, then I would have warned him not to even try.
So why was I assailed and not him? I think it was, in part, because I introduced the doll the the person who contacted the “exorcist,” told him about feeling the presence of “Harold,” and wanted his (the exorcist’s) opinion about what was going on. He then decided he was going to do whatever he was planning on doing without talking to me first.
I did find out what he wanted to do and I thought to myself that if this worked, it would be a good thing, so I didn’t object to it. I really wanted to see what would happen. What did happen was I was the one “punished” and he backed off unscathed, leaving the whole thing a “personal experience.” Absolutely brilliant, if you ask me.
In the end, I ended up with cracked ribs, prescribed pain killers which didn’t do anything to take the edge off of the pain… and I’m a lot wiser. Not that this is going to stop me from continuing to pursue the truth. I’ve had cracked ribs before. I survived it then, I’ll survive this now. 🙂

I was attacked by the demon who owns Harold the Doll.

I was attacked on Tuesday night by the demon who owns the Harold the Doll. I went onto Facebook asking for prayers. This is what I wrote on Facebook,, the following day (Wednesday).

Hi. Well I survived last night’s attack. Possibly the worst I’ve ever experienced. At one point I thought I was literally dying, but I was “assured” by the the entity I wouldn’t die. That would be too easy. It wanted me to suffer.

It started because someone was going to try to send the demon “back to hell.” I heard the demon laughing, and I was told he encountered Harold. He was sent as a front man, to fool this person into thinking he could deal with it. The demon told me if this person didn’t back off, he would kill him. I decided NOT to say anything, and view it as an idle threat. That’s when then attack began.

I started feeling nauseous, and dizzy… and then sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom, and the next thing I knew, I woke up with my head of the edge of the bathtub thinking I was in bed laying on a pillow!

I thought I might be having a heart attack, and that was when I was assured that dying of a heart attack would be a blessing compared to what was in store for me.

I realized I had my cell phone and I asked for your prayers. I knew that calling 911 would be useless.

Donna called and I asked her to call my neighbor upstairs to come down. She did. He did. He blessed the doll with holy water, and much of the attack subsided. Namely, the feeling I wanted to die. I was given strength by God. That’s when I asked Joni to let you know I’m okay.

Unfortunately the physical pain only increased. It hurt to even breathe, because it felt as thought I strained a muscle in my rib cage while I was collapsed again the tub.

Then the attack came from another ongoing angle. From someone who loves me.

This is in large part because my stay, here where I am, is coming to an end, and the demon does not want me to move on the where I’m going next, someplace where all this will start to turn for the better, and I’m supposed to start finding new answers.

As I lay in bed wondering if I’d ever be able to sleep, I realized that while I was hurt all over, the physical pain was originating from my LEFT SIDE. This was the demon letting me know it was from the doll. If you look closely at its various pictures, you’ll see its left arm is hanging.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Please keep them coming. This is far from over.

Harold flyer


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I’ve just finished reading, “Harold the Haunted Doll. I found it very, very to put the book down at night. What a fantastic read; and so many things that happened to Vincent, [my family can associate with my our autistic son. To think this possession is still happening to this day is amazing.

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Blessings, Anthonyt

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