Harold the Doll attacks those who mock him?

Harold flyer

So you’re telling me that the doll makes people suffer for mocking or not believing in its powers? Tank Dempsey

No, I’m not saying that at all. Yes, it has attacked people who have “disrespected” it, but it has also attacked people who simply looked at it’s picture. My friend Camille has shown it nothing but respect. She even bought the bag that you see Zak Bagans carrying the doll in on the Ghost Adventures episode it was featured on. Still, the entity literally seems to hate her.

One woman told me that the doll could kiss her ass. Nothing happened to her. Her daughter, whom she adores, paid the price. Recently, another woman did something similar. She wrote on Facebook the next day that her two sons were apparently attacked.
And of course, there are those mock it to see what, if anything, will happen, and NOTHING does. Why not? The entity apparently couldn’t give a crap.
There is one clue as to why it does what it does. When Lockdown Paranormal did their investigation of the doll, the lead investigator asked it for it’s name. He recorded an EVP saying, “None of your business.” As he was listening to it he was the victim of an attack that landed him in the emergency room.
They refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with the doll anymore.

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