Is Harold the Doll really “haunted?”

Harold @ Pierce Mansion2

Having been the doll’s caretaker for since April of 2004, I can answer that question in a word – “NO.” It’s not.

I’m writing this because yesterday, someone wrote a public post on Facebook saying that I submitted evidence to him so that he could evaluate the doll in December of 2014. Never happened. In all of the time I’ve had him, I’ve only allowed three investigations outside of my own to be done, and they submitted their evidence to me. I told the third team that if they did what they normally do to investigate any sort of haunting, it wouldn’t work, because the doll isn’t haunted.

This guy also claims I talked to him. I have no record of ever doing any such thing. He then told me we private messaged each other on Facebook. Ahhh… that didn’t happen either. If it had, I’d still have the messages. The only messages I have from him came yesterday after I publicly challenged him to prove his claims. He couldn’t.

I’m bringing this up because when I contacted a couple of people who had him on their Facebook “friends” list, and asked about him, I mentioned that he said I claimed the doll moved. Once again – nonsense. It’s just not true. I’ve never said any such thing, because I’ve not seen it happen.

When I mentioned this to someone who does know him, she wrote back, I never saw you say that. But if it is spirited it sure can move.

If that’s the case, Harold isn’t “spirited,” “haunted,” or even “spirit attached.”

The doll isn’t cursed, or possessed either. It’s beyond those descriptions as well.

If it’s none of those things, what is it then? There are four human spirits who are imprisoned within the doll. Three of them apparently against their will.

Then there’s the entity who actually owns the doll. It is evil, with a capital “E,” diabolical, sinister, manipulative, and a liar.

Who really owns it? I reveal that, publicly, for the first time in my book.

Harold's New Book Cover

Click here to order my book and come to your own conclusion about the doll!

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