Why hasn’t Harold the Doll attacked me?

Dear Harold,

I’ve heard reports of people having experiencing paranormal or strange possessions or horrible dreams after either reading about or watching your show. How come it affects only some but not others. I read all about and watch your blog on YouTube and seen the island of the dolls a few times but I’ve yet to see anything.

Now I’m a firm believer of paranormal But have yet to come face to face.



Hi Nicholas. This is Anthony. I’m the doll’s “caretaker.” I’ve had the doll since 2004, and your question is one I’ve asked myself for 11 years now. The best answer I can give is, “I don’t know why some people are attacked by, or experience the doll, and others don’t.”

Some people have been visited after speaking ill of it. Kathy, who’s eBay auction I won the doll in firmly believes that a friend of hers died after seeing the doll and laughing at it. Another friend of hers died from esophageal cancer after staying in a bedroom while the doll was in the closet. He was given a clean bill of health shortly before it happened.

Personally speaking, I’ve lost a friend, and a puppy in just the past few months (May and August of 2015) and I’m convinced that the entities in the doll had a hand in both their deaths. The thing is my friend had never seen the doll, and I’m not sure even knew about it.

Another friend of mine, Camille, has been attacked on several occasions and has shown the doll nothing but respect. She even bought the case the doll was carried in by Zak Bagans into the shack on the Island of the Doll’s episode of Ghost Adventures. She did that after I had the doll for 9 years in the same Duane Reade shopping bag I received it in.

One woman told me that the entity in the doll could, quote, “Kiss my ass. I have Jesus protecting me.” Apparently she did, because the entity went after her daughter.

I’ve heard from numerous people who became ill, or had a string of bad luck happen after simply looking at a picture of the doll. And then of course, there are those people who have mocked the doll, or watched videos, read my blog posts, etc., and nothing happens to them. And I’m convinced that there are those people who do provoke it, and something does happen, but they sure as hell aren’t going to admit it for fear of it happening again.

I have a couple of theories as to why. First of all, this is not a “spirit attached” doll. It’s not even “haunted” as such. I’m not saying that there isn’t anything going on with it, because there definitely is. I’ll just say this – one of the entities, the real owner of the doll, simply won’t fall for simple provocations.

I won’t share my other theory as to why it happens because I don’t want people “testing it,” and paying a price for doing so. It is, however, based on my interviews with people who have apparently been legitimately attacked by the doll.

There are “secrets” that were never meant to be learned, and I do believe that it’s one of the reasons that some people have been attacked and others haven’t. I share a few of those secrets in my new book, “Harold the Haunted Doll.”

Again, some people have read my book and have experienced “strange things,” including everyone who edited it, and other people haven’t experienced a thing.

I would say that the vast majority of people who have had something happen to them, including myself, would tell you that it’s not something that you would want happening to you.

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Harold the Doll attacks those who mock him?

Harold flyer

So you’re telling me that the doll makes people suffer for mocking or not believing in its powers? Tank Dempsey

No, I’m not saying that at all. Yes, it has attacked people who have “disrespected” it, but it has also attacked people who simply looked at it’s picture. My friend Camille has shown it nothing but respect. She even bought the bag that you see Zak Bagans carrying the doll in on the Ghost Adventures episode it was featured on. Still, the entity literally seems to hate her.

One woman told me that the doll could kiss her ass. Nothing happened to her. Her daughter, whom she adores, paid the price. Recently, another woman did something similar. She wrote on Facebook the next day that her two sons were apparently attacked.
And of course, there are those mock it to see what, if anything, will happen, and NOTHING does. Why not? The entity apparently couldn’t give a crap.
There is one clue as to why it does what it does. When Lockdown Paranormal did their investigation of the doll, the lead investigator asked it for it’s name. He recorded an EVP saying, “None of your business.” As he was listening to it he was the victim of an attack that landed him in the emergency room.
They refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with the doll anymore.

Is Harold the Doll really “haunted?”

Harold @ Pierce Mansion2

Having been the doll’s caretaker for since April of 2004, I can answer that question in a word – “NO.” It’s not.

I’m writing this because yesterday, someone wrote a public post on Facebook saying that I submitted evidence to him so that he could evaluate the doll in December of 2014. Never happened. In all of the time I’ve had him, I’ve only allowed three investigations outside of my own to be done, and they submitted their evidence to me. I told the third team that if they did what they normally do to investigate any sort of haunting, it wouldn’t work, because the doll isn’t haunted.

This guy also claims I talked to him. I have no record of ever doing any such thing. He then told me we private messaged each other on Facebook. Ahhh… that didn’t happen either. If it had, I’d still have the messages. The only messages I have from him came yesterday after I publicly challenged him to prove his claims. He couldn’t.

I’m bringing this up because when I contacted a couple of people who had him on their Facebook “friends” list, and asked about him, I mentioned that he said I claimed the doll moved. Once again – nonsense. It’s just not true. I’ve never said any such thing, because I’ve not seen it happen.

When I mentioned this to someone who does know him, she wrote back, I never saw you say that. But if it is spirited it sure can move.

If that’s the case, Harold isn’t “spirited,” “haunted,” or even “spirit attached.”

The doll isn’t cursed, or possessed either. It’s beyond those descriptions as well.

If it’s none of those things, what is it then? There are four human spirits who are imprisoned within the doll. Three of them apparently against their will.

Then there’s the entity who actually owns the doll. It is evil, with a capital “E,” diabolical, sinister, manipulative, and a liar.

Who really owns it? I reveal that, publicly, for the first time in my book.

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Review of Harold the Haunted Doll book!

Anthony, I’ve been reading your book, Harold the Haunted Doll, and I’ve always thought that it’s not your ordinary doll – not even by the standards of Annabelle featured in the movie, The Conjuring, but what I’ve read so far is really freaking me out.

Harold seems to be able to travel world wide, as he sits in your hotel room in Denver Colorado. How does he do that? Simply because he can? It doesn’t seem to matter how near or far you are from him either, as I personally found out myself.

Your book has led me to feel every emotion, fear, anxiety, anticipation. While reading it, I’ve questioned, “Is this real?” But I know all to well that it is.

The story between these covers is riveting compelling, intriguing, as well as suspenseful, and mysterious. Anthony, you’re such a eloquent, artful author, that I can also feel how you’ve struggled with this dark, sinister, entity, and how you’ve tried to help others try to understand as well.

I’ve got to tell you, this book is definitely movie material. While I’ve found movies like The Conjuring, The Entity, and others of this genre scary, and freaky, this doll will actually make people’s blood run cold, and leave them not wanting to close their eyes to sleep at night. That’s the way I feel, and I’m not done reading the book yet! It’s really that good!

You’d better write a second book about this otherwise I’m going to hunt you down and hurt you myself! LOL!


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