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The story you are about to read is true. It is based on real events – my personal experiences since winning eBay’s most infamous haunted doll in an auction in June of 2004, as well as what has happened to those who have had encounters with the doll. I’ve also adapted the texts and Facebook messages of those claiming to have been affected by the doll. Many of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. A number of people have stated having had adverse reactions simply by looking at a picture of the doll, reading my blog, or posts I’ve written on Facebook. Not everyone has, of course, but I feel I must warn you in advance that I cannot be held responsible if you are affected physically, mentally, or emotionally from reading this book.


If you have ever researched or looked into haunted dolls on the web, chances are you have come across Haunted Harold. With that being said, Harold has an extensive history. The doll was manufactured around the turn of the century and is made of composite particles, plaster and water. The manufacturer is unknown at this time. You can tell the doll has been, and forgive my pun, through hell and back. The doll has been owned by people around the world. All of the previous owners have reported strange occurrences, such as voices, slight movement and changes in facial expression. Headaches, migraines, back pain and unexplained injuries have also been reported while in its presence. The doll has also been blamed for the death of two people. The doll being responsible for these deaths is still up to speculation, the truth may never be known….

Harold’s current owner, Anthony Quinata, bought the doll on eBay in 2004. After experiencing some paranormal activity, Anthony put the doll in storage from 2005-2013. We were contacted by Anthony to provide an understanding of what type of entity inhabits the doll. After an initial interview we decided to go to an undisclosed location and perform an EVP/Ovilus session. During the investigation, the Ovilus had numerous hits on the words “worry” and “guilt.” Our EVP picked up on many different voices accompanied by screaming and laughter.

While reviewing a short EVP session we conducted on our first meeting with Harold, our lead investigator became ill. Plagued with a migraine headache, severe lower back pain, and the feeling of being disorientated, the investigator had reason to believe he was being attacked. After our lead recovered, it was decided to delay the release of the evidence that was collected on Harold. It was also determined not to further pursue any other investigations with Harold and Anthony at this time.

 There is reason to believe the doll is inhabited by many spirits. Due to the evidence collected, we believe there is a malevolent entity that may be attached to the doll, disguising itself as many spirits. Anthony was informed of our findings and we wish him the best of luck with Harold. Hopefully, Harold will find his peace…. Lockdown Paranormal http://www.lockdownparanormal.com


My name is “Jane.” I live in Australia with my husband and two sons, the oldest of whom, “Vincent,” is moderate to severely autistic.

I was not, and still am not, the slightest bit interested in anything having to do with the paranormal. I was interested in learning how to sew cloth toys, so I went onto YouTube to find a tutorial on how to do just that.

God knows how I got on to the weird side of YouTube, but Annabelle was where I ended. I had never even heard of her before that but felt compelled to click and watch a short story on her. Then, at the side, I saw Harold!

He sure grabs your attention and draws you in. I think it was almost a sense of pity…, but also a feeling of wanting to know more. A need to know his story. He’s not a kind of thing you look at once on a page and move on. He makes you stop and look twice.

I clicked on the video clip, but to be honest I didn’t really listen to it too much (it was one with just a still picture of Harold). After that, I’m not sure… I think the phone rang or [my husband] came home, but I forgot about it and carried on with the day. Come to think of it, I don’t think my computer has worked properly since.

It would have been a few hours after I first seen the clip that Vincent saw it as well. I don’t really remember how we both got to being back in front of the screen. I think he wanted to play reading eggs or something, but I know his reaction was instant. He just stopped in his tracks, looked, did a double take, and looked again, which is unusual for him with his autism. Then he became instantly upset.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that moment was the beginning of what would be a roller coaster of events that would make my family’s life a living hell. It was like watching a programme on the television. As Anthony likes to say, “A real life nightmare,” only you’re awake. People may not believe, or think it’s real, but until it consumes you, and becomes your life, you have no idea. I think, this experience with the doll, it’s made not just me but all of us [in my family] that little more aware. There is a lot more to this world than we know and understand.

I’m still trying to get my head around what happened. It all feels so surreal.

Nothing in our lives will ever be the same or taken for granted. Yeah, I still keep looking at my two beautiful boys, hugging them that little bit tighter!

“Jane” (name changed at her request)

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The Book “Haunted Harold” Does Not Want You to Read!

This message, which I received on Facebook Messenger today (October 16, 2015) is evidence of that –


I was just talking to someone on twitter telling them about Harold and just a few things that happened to me and what not. My freaking phone started making this really really weird sound and i swear i could hear a voice but couldn’t make anything out. Then when i deleted what i was writing and said to myself nevermind and a lil after that it finally stopped.

Nothing was running that should of made any sound like that. I’ve never heard my phone make that noise or anyone’s else’s phone like that.

I wrote back, “Honestly, I believe the entity doesn’t want this book to be read. All the more reason people should be buying it!”


It’s more than Haunted Harold actually. Its the demon who actually owns the doll. Yes, I’m serious. According to the Bible, the demon who’s named in my book is actually a “Prince of Hell.”

Want to hear something crazy? Until recently, I didn’t believe in the existence of demons, and have said as such in numerous interviews I’ve done about the doll. That was until… well, I tell you what changed my mind in my book, along with 20+ photos.


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This book will scare the hell out of you!


His reaction to Haunted Harold book is priceless!

I received this in an email about my last vlog talking about how Harold the Doll’s story unnerved a Catholic priest. I loved it so much I had to share it with you!

I found the [vlog] quite interesting. The way you described the priest’s reaction is similar to how one of my friends reacted to me showing him [your] book yesterday. He is a strong skeptic, but he spent about fifteen minutes with the book and the sheer terror on his face as he asked me to be careful. [He] had started from more of a “Yeah right!” face, and gradually turned into a face I would describe as “And you actually want to be involved with this monster doll?!” Anna

This book will scare the hell out of you.

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Haunted Harold – Update on Jane’s surgery and Vincent

If you’ve read my book you know that “Vincent” and his mom, “Jane” (I’ve changed their names to protect their privacy) are important people in the story of Harold the Doll.

Last Tuesday, Jane was diagnosed as having a cancerous polyp which was removed this past Monday. I heard from Jane last night. She said she’s recovering from her surgery and feels “semi-human.” She also had this to say about her son.

“[Vincent] won an award at school for outstanding behaviour. I don’t know the full story but something about compassion and safety in playground…. He helped a little boy who was hurt. And stayed with him.”

Keep in mind, Vincent is moderately to severely autistic, so this is NOT typical behavior for him. He’s grown so much since this whole thing has ended for him.

For me, of course, it’s far from over. But I’m happy for Vincent. And that his mom is recovering from her surgery.

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Haunted Harold’s airplane story

I was chatting with Jayne Harris​, who owns Peggy, and I was reminded of a story, which I told her, and thought I’d share with you.

I was on a plane, sitting next to a guy who was watching Ghost Adventures on his computer. It happened to be the Island of the Dolls episode.

“Are you a fan of the show?” I asked him.

“Not really,” he said. “I just saw it and thought it’d be interesting to watch.”

Just then, Harold made his on screen debut.

“I have that doll,” I told him.

“Do you really?” He looked skeptical.

“Seriously.” I told him the story of how I won it on eBay. “Watch the show… if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them for you.”

He finished watching it, and asked, “Where is the doll now?”

“In the overhead compartment right above us.”

The blood left his face, and I thought he was going to pass out! LOL

“No….” He never said a word to me after that.

Harold and I3

Harold the Haunted Doll book review!

The first review on Amazon of my new book!

I am very much into the paranormal, particularly true-life cases.

I enjoyed this book very much, and although I am used to being exposed to lots of creepy things in books/film, and therefore don’t scare too easily, THIS book really did get under my skin. I read all of it within a couple of days because I found it very engrossing.

If you believe in the paranormal then this account is well documented and presented here. If you don’t believe or are sceptical, it’s still an enjoyable book that is likely to unnerved you.

I recommend it highly. 


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