Why do I keep Harold the Doll?

Good day Anthony. I have read excerpts of your book but I am afraid I won’t be able to read the full version due to having similar experiences with a doll when I was a younger version. I do wonder if you believe Harold has caused you to suffer a personal loss or losses and if so how did you reconcile keeping Harold with loss or losses you may have been forced to endure because of his malicious intent.

Thanks for the insight!


Hi B,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write and ask. I also want to say that I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had similar experiences in your childhood. I wrote the disclaimer on the back cover not to scare you or anyone else from buying my book, but to discourage people who might trip and fall, or some such thing, while reading the book, see it as an opening to blame the doll and to try to sue me for not warning them.

Now to answer your question directly. I have suffered a great deal in terms of loss with regards to the doll, such as friendships, potential relationships, career prospects, etc., since I first acquired it back in 2004. I didn’t realize they had anything to do with the doll until December of 2014, when I was reflecting on the lost opportunities during that year, and I heard a female voice say, “Yes… I was responsible for all of that.”

At that moment, something else that happened earlier in 2014 made complete sense. My friend Donna called me. When I answered she told me, “Harold’s angry with you.” This surprised me because of how skeptical she is about the doll.

“How do you know that?” I asked her.

“When I thought about calling you, I heard a voice say, ‘Tell him I’m angry that he’s not doing enough to help me.'”

I had no idea what that meant, and neither did she.  The truth is though, I wasn’t doing a whole lot at the time because I didn’t know if I really believed anything I had been told about the doll up to that point.

When I heard the woman’s voice (whom I was to learn soon after goes by the name of “Lottie”), suddenly a lot of things started falling into place for me. For one thing, if some of the things had worked out for me, I would have been distracted and the doll would have been put on the back burner for another several years.

Since the time I’d heard that voice I’ve learned that there are 3 souls imprisoned within the doll (don’t ask, I don’t really understand it myself at this point). Understanding how this happened (which may never happen) and freeing those three is what drives me at this point. That’s why I still have the doll.

If I had it to do all over again, I tell myself I would have left well enough alone, but I’m sure that I was chosen to be the keep the doll (I don’t own it… it belongs to what the Bible refers to as a “Prince of Hell,” who is the one imprisoning four souls as I show in my book).

Writing this book was simply part of the plan I was handpicked to be a part of. The trials and difficulties I’ve had, and continue to have, getting it out there says to me that now, someone else altogether is now angry with me, and does not want it to be read in the first place.

Harold flyer

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Harold the Haunted Doll


2 thoughts on “Why do I keep Harold the Doll?

  1. B

    Well then, I will say I am glad I did not read the disclaimer on the back of the book! LOL …. I am also humbled by your answer to my question and grateful that you will make every effort to free those trapped. So many times we make these haunting’s Show and Tell without regard to the souls trapped in this plane of existence.

    As a child, I disposed of the doll several times and she would always find her way back to me until we moved and I left her behind. I did not understand the ramifications of my actions. I thought I was being terrorized, in looking back, I think there was also a call for help that my fears didn’t allow me to process.

    What a kind and compassionate heart you have.

    Thanks again,


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