Do I buy antiques since Harold the Doll?

Anthony, great interview (see below)! 

Can’t wait to read the book!

By the way, does it make you think twice before purchasing an old, antique item on eBay? Has it changed your buying techniques and made you more cautious?


Honestly, Mark… I was looking for haunted items, or supposedly haunted items, to purchase when I saw the doll. I just didn’t plan on winning it (as you’ll read in my book)! LOL

I have a number of “active” antiques now, but they’re typically given to me by people who know about Harold. (With friends like that… 😉 )

The last one I received is an old radio that the head of maintenance found in one of the rooms left by a former guest at the hotel I was staying at. When he left, he left the radio behind and told me I could have it. Honestly, I didn’t know if there was anything to it, but I put it in my storage unit with all my other things as well.

One day, my friend Camille and I were opening the door to the unit to put some things in there (ironically, it was a couple of dolls) and we both heard what sounded like a woman’s voice announcing something about WWII! It literally sounded like the broadcasts you hear in movies about that era. The “broadcast” lasted for about 30 seconds, and had us both asking, “Did you hear that?”

We then looked around to see if there was someone else around with a radio playing but we were the only two in the facility.

These days, while I love, and like looking at, antiques, I rarely, if ever, buy any. I will say this to anyone who is looking to buy a “haunted” antique, or object of any sort. It sounds like fun… but I’d think twice. For one thing, there are a lot of people who are taking advantage of the high interest in “haunted dolls” these days, and are nothing more than scam artists.

Secondly, if they do have something that is authentically active, it can turn out to be a real nightmare… for you.

Harold flyer

Study Paranormal Interview about Harold the Doll


2 thoughts on “Do I buy antiques since Harold the Doll?

  1. B

    Good day Anthony. I have read excerpts of your book but I am afraid I won’t be able to read the full version due to having similar experiences with a doll when I was a younger version. I do wonder if you believe Harold has caused you to suffer a personal loss or losses and if so how did you reconcile keeping Harold with loss or losses you may have been forced to endure because of his malicious intent.

    Thanks for the insight!

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