The Book “Haunted Harold” Does Not Want You to Read!

This message, which I received on Facebook Messenger today (October 16, 2015) is evidence of that –


I was just talking to someone on twitter telling them about Harold and just a few things that happened to me and what not. My freaking phone started making this really really weird sound and i swear i could hear a voice but couldn’t make anything out. Then when i deleted what i was writing and said to myself nevermind and a lil after that it finally stopped.

Nothing was running that should of made any sound like that. I’ve never heard my phone make that noise or anyone’s else’s phone like that.

I wrote back, “Honestly, I believe the entity doesn’t want this book to be read. All the more reason people should be buying it!”


It’s more than Haunted Harold actually. Its the demon who actually owns the doll. Yes, I’m serious. According to the Bible, the demon who’s named in my book is actually a “Prince of Hell.”

Want to hear something crazy? Until recently, I didn’t believe in the existence of demons, and have said as such in numerous interviews I’ve done about the doll. That was until… well, I tell you what changed my mind in my book, along with 20+ photos.


Harold flyer

This book will scare the hell out of you!



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