Haunted Harold – Update on Jane’s surgery and Vincent

If you’ve read my book you know that “Vincent” and his mom, “Jane” (I’ve changed their names to protect their privacy) are important people in the story of Harold the Doll.

Last Tuesday, Jane was diagnosed as having a cancerous polyp which was removed this past Monday. I heard from Jane last night. She said she’s recovering from her surgery and feels “semi-human.” She also had this to say about her son.

“[Vincent] won an award at school for outstanding behaviour. I don’t know the full story but something about compassion and safety in playground…. He helped a little boy who was hurt. And stayed with him.”

Keep in mind, Vincent is moderately to severely autistic, so this is NOT typical behavior for him. He’s grown so much since this whole thing has ended for him.

For me, of course, it’s far from over. But I’m happy for Vincent. And that his mom is recovering from her surgery.

Harold flyer


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