Harold the Doll is scaring my puppy!

This is the way this damned thing attacks me… by attacking those I love.

I mentioned on my Facebook group site dedicated to Harold I noticed recently that whenever I pray the Rosary, my puppy Bentley hides under the bed until I’m done.

I had the television on this morning, on a channel broadcasting the Papal Mass. During the “procession,” when the Bishops and the Pope were coming into the Cathedral at the beginning of the Mass, I noticed that Bentley was shivering. I tried to comfort him, and even thought about videoing him looking so afraid. He then ran under the bed, and began throwing up… a lot.

I splashed holy water on the doll and told the entity to leave my baby alone. A few minutes later, Bentley came out from under the bed, jumped on it, and lay down in a corner. We are in a small cabin so there’s not a whole lot of room.

Bentley during Papal Mass

He went under back under the bed shortly after I took this picture but came back out during Eucharistic prayers, and wanted me to comfort him. He’s no longer shivering.

Bentley during Eucharistic prayers

I’m going to take him for a walk, his favorite treat. 🙂

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