Haunted Harold – “This is too weird!”

Scratching head

Vincent, my young friend in Australia, told me earlier this week that I would receive “good news” about what I’m supposed to do next on Friday (yesterday). He said it would come from a “nice lady.”

Thursday I received an email that I didn’t read until yesterday from someone named Robin (my ex-wife’s name, but I didn’t think it was her). I called the number given in the email, and left my own number for her to call back.

Robin called back, and boy was I surprised! She was a “HE.” He was a very pleasant to talk to. What we talked about I can’t reveal just yet because we’re still negotiating everything, but I can tell you it has to do with Harold.

Anyway, we were talking about the doll, and our connection started going whacky. Even Robin commented about how strange it was that it happened after we started talking about the doll. I told him it happens all of the time.

I was saying how the story of Harold did start out as a hoax, created the Greg, who originally sold the doll on eBay. This came as a surprise to Robin. I also told him that the truth is scarier than anything made up for the movies or television because it’s real. As I’m sharing stories with him about the doll, suddenly I hear a WOMAN’S voice saying, “What are you talking about?”

I almost crapped  my pants when I realized that somehow, in the middle of my story, I lost Robin and had my friend Donna​ on the phone! I have no idea how this happened as I didn’t switch the phone calls. I asked her if I could call her back, called Robin and told him what happened, saying, “Welcome to my world.”

He was so excited he said, “I need to go. I need to call my office. This is too weird!”

It didn’t hit me until after we hung up that this is what Vincent was predicting. I hate to leave you hanging, but that’s all I can say for right now. When the time is right, you will know all about it though!


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