Harold the Doll is scaring my puppy!

This is the way this damned thing attacks me… by attacking those I love.

I mentioned on my Facebook group site dedicated to Harold I noticed recently that whenever I pray the Rosary, my puppy Bentley hides under the bed until I’m done.

I had the television on this morning, on a channel broadcasting the Papal Mass. During the “procession,” when the Bishops and the Pope were coming into the Cathedral at the beginning of the Mass, I noticed that Bentley was shivering. I tried to comfort him, and even thought about videoing him looking so afraid. He then ran under the bed, and began throwing up… a lot.

I splashed holy water on the doll and told the entity to leave my baby alone. A few minutes later, Bentley came out from under the bed, jumped on it, and lay down in a corner. We are in a small cabin so there’s not a whole lot of room.

Bentley during Papal Mass

He went under back under the bed shortly after I took this picture but came back out during Eucharistic prayers, and wanted me to comfort him. He’s no longer shivering.

Bentley during Eucharistic prayers

I’m going to take him for a walk, his favorite treat. ūüôā

Haunted Harold attends Catholic Mass, and he’s pissed about it.

Just a quick note – I cannot tell you how many issues I had trying to write this post, and then publish it. As Jane, Vincent’s mom would say, my computer “lost the plot.”

A guy I knew, Wayne, was skeptical about the doll when he first heard about it. I knew him because we lived at the same extended hotel. After witnessing several incidents for himself, including seeing a scratch appear on my arm in front of his eyes, as it happened, he became a believer. Being of Italian descent, he was, like me, a Roman Catholic.

“You know you ought to do,” he told me on more than one occasion, “you ought to take that damned thing to Mass and see what happens.” Well, last Wednesday, I did just that. I wasn’t to go talk about it but after¬†what happened last night and this morning (Eastern Standard Time), I changed my mind.

I recently was staying in a house for a few days just minutes away from a Catholic church. I went there last Sunday and then again for daily Mass, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. While I was there, Vincent kept saying that the “red building is important,” according to his mom. I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked her to ask him to draw what he was seeing.

Dillon's pic of St. Luke's in Westborough

Before I even saw it I had a feeling as to what he was talking about. The church I’d been attending was red brick. After receiving his picture, I took a picture of the church and sent it to his mom who showed it to Vincent. “That’s it! That’s it!” he told her.

My last day in the house, Wednesday, I was inspired to take the doll to Mass with me. I tried to record what happened to see if I could catch any EVPs. Both of my digital recorders suddenly ran out of battery power. I decided to record it on my cell phone, which worked.

Daily Mass is typically quiet and subdued, so when I listened to the recording afterward and heard what sounded like screams at several points during the Mass…. Then I heard a woman loudly say, “Get out!” To be honest with you, I still haven’t listened with either headphones or speakers, but if I hear anything more, or can explain what I heard, I’ll post it on this site.

Last night Vincent’s mom said that he was saying, again, “tell Uncle Ant the red building is important.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I mentioned taking to doll to church and she asked him if that is what he was talking about.

Did any thing happen when you did ? I asked Dillon. At first I didn’t think he was going to¬†answer¬†me. He wouldn’t even look in my direction.¬†He then said, “‘Sure made it mad,’ and is now in his bedroom with door shut.

I just simply asked if Uncle Ant taking the doll to the red building was what he was talking about.

“Tell him I’ll make it stop if he’ll tell me who it is.”

Okay… give me a min.

Sorry took so long… took me a while to get him to open door, I asked him who was angry. He wouldn’t talk to me so I gave him a piece of paper and a pencil . This is what he drew –¬†

Dillon's drawing of what was mad that I took the doll to church.

“Okay… I’ll take care of it NOW.”

Please be careful.

I didn’t see her last message. I was busy splashing holy water on the doll.

Less than two minutes later Jane sent me a pic of Vincent playing trains with his brother Edward.

“PLEASE tell Vincent you told me “it” upset him so I became angry and punished “it.” Tell him its afraid of God, and me. And that he can count on me and doesn’t need to be afraid.”

This morning (EST) I messaged Jane to check on them and make sure that everything was okay. She told me Vincent was asleep but asked if I was angry with him.¬†The latest tactic of “the black thing” is to tell Vincent that his mother and I are angry at him for telling us what he has been, and that we hate him for doing it. Unfortunately, he believes it.

Was¬†literally¬†just now … But I told him you loved him … He fell asleep.

Jane and I began discussing what the continuing importance of the “red building” might be. She told me Vincent said I already know. As we were messaging, her iPad went from 93% power to 28% to 3% in the space of¬†two minutes.¬†

I’m calling the church tomorrow to schedule an appointment to talk to a priest as soon as possible.

Haunted Harold – “This is too weird!”

Scratching head

Vincent, my young friend in Australia, told me earlier this week that I would receive “good news” about what I’m supposed to do next on Friday (yesterday). He said it would come from a “nice lady.”

Thursday I received an email that I didn’t read until yesterday from someone named Robin (my ex-wife’s name, but I didn’t think it was her). I called the number given in the email, and left my own number for her to call back.

Robin called back, and boy was I surprised! She was a “HE.” He was a very pleasant to talk to. What we talked about I can’t reveal just yet because we’re still negotiating everything, but I can tell you it has to do with Harold.

Anyway, we were talking about the doll, and our connection started going whacky. Even Robin commented about how strange it was that it happened after we started talking about the doll. I told him it happens all of the time.

I was saying how the story of Harold did start out as a hoax, created the Greg, who originally sold the doll on eBay. This came as a surprise to Robin. I also told him that the truth is¬†scarier than anything made up for the movies or television because it’s real. As I’m sharing stories with him about the doll, suddenly I hear a WOMAN’S voice saying, “What are you talking about?”

I almost crapped ¬†my pants when I realized that somehow, in the middle of my story, I lost Robin and had my friend Donna‚Äč on the phone! I have no idea¬†how this happened as I didn’t switch the phone calls.¬†I asked her if I could call her back, called Robin and told him what happened, saying, “Welcome to my world.”

He was so excited he said, “I need to go. I need to call my office. This is too weird!”

It didn’t hit me until after we hung up that this is what Vincent was predicting. I hate to leave you hanging, but that’s all¬†I can say for right now. When the time is right, you will know all about it though!

Haunted Harold – My little “champion.”

Hey… The strangest thing just happened !!!¬†Vincent¬†went to bed about an hour ago. Edward has been up with us just watching TV. He walks to the hall way¬†and says, “Daddy the white puppy is here again.”¬†

We ask him, “What white puppy? There is no white puppy here mate!”

He looked at us and said, “The one that’s been by Vincent’s door!”¬†He said something about the white puppy the other day but didn’t think anything of it. He said it was on the stairs.

“Larry’s son described Chance as ‘the puppy in the bright light.’ Well, I was wondering why Chance would appear in Larry’s home and not yours. Could Edward be talking about the same thing?”

I really don’t know Hun …. I do know there is no white puppy here, and I know Vincent doesn’t say anything to Edward about what he feels or see’s as far as I know. Just caught me off guard.¬†Just asked Edward. He said the white sparkly puppy. Asked where its to he says it’s always by Vincent on the stairs.”

“I’m starting to think it might be Chance! [Larry’s son]¬†says Chance comes to him in a bright white light.”

Don’t really know. I would like to think that it is. It makes me very happy to think Chance is here with Vincent.

“I was wondering why Chance would appear in Larry’s home and not yours.”

Like I said Edward was saying about the white puppy the other day… but I didn’t even click.

I sent her a pic of Chance –

Larry's dog6

Edward asked who it was. Jane told him his name is Chance. Edward said, “Oh, you mean Champion!” Jane asked me if I ever called him Champion. “Not until he started showing up at Larry’s home. Do you think he recognized him?”

Yes he smiled straight away.

“Did you ask him if that’s the puppy he sees?”

The picture of Chance? …. Yes that’s who he said was Champion.

I believe that Chance is being a “champion” and easing the fears of the children who see the entity in the doll. I couldn’t be happier… or prouder.

Harold the Doll and my puppy, Chance!

I’ve been staying with friends who have three female dogs, two of whom are very affectionate. Bentley, having been raised by a woman isn’t much of a kisser, at least not with me, but these two are. As they were licking my face, I was thinking about how much I missed Chance’s kisses. Then I received the following messages just a little bit ago from Larry (reprinted with permission) –

My roommate is thinking about adopting a dog well. ¬†[My son] told him we already have a dog here named Chance.¬†[My roommate]¬†just looked at me. I smiled and said, “Well yeah.” ¬†Gonna freak my roommate out.

He is definitely [my son’s] lil buddy. [My son]¬†has been in great moods since Chance first showed up. My biggest thing was [my son’s]¬†safety and knowing Chance is here and bright, I feel so much better. I will take on what I have to but [my son]¬†needed a friend and protector from the other side.

I asked Larry if his son has seen has seen Chance since the last time we talked.

Just 1 time i know of he was playing with him the day that he wanted to leave the pile of toys for him that night.¬†i walked by his room and he was throwing toys saying, Get it boy.” And then he started laughing like throwing his head back. I said what you doing? He said “playing with chance him was giving me kisses.”¬†So I let him be.

[My son] set some toys and balls in a pile in his room the other night for Chance to play. Well, umm, next morning most toys were there except a few balls. They were moved all around. One was even found in my room. And [my son] sleeps in our room currently so it wasn’t him who moved them.¬†¬†Even when I know it’s all real and everything,¬†it’s¬†still a shock to me when something happens.

But everytime I try to film it either phone won.t work, or they stop playing. Lol I’m like really yall, come on.

I¬†cannot¬†tell you how happy it makes me feel to hear this. Recently I received a picture from Vincent’s mum.

Dillon's picture of Chance

along with this message –

He said the puppy is protecting. I asked was it protecting you? He said, “No mummy, it’s not uncle Ant.” I then asked who… he said he doesn’t know them.

I¬†immediately¬†knew that it was Larry’s son.

One of the things that made me feel good was seeing Chance is wearing his collar. The day he transitioned he still had the collar the hospital put on him. I cut it off and put his regular collar on telling him, “I love you and I hope that this helps you feel better.” An hour later, he passed away. Seeing him wearing his collar in the drawing tells me he loves me, and is still my boy. ūüôā

Larry's dog6

Haunted Harold blog – Wow… this really is AWESOME

Vincent’s mum contacted on me Facebook recently with the following message –

He asked me if you were ok this morning on way to school, and said he has a picture for you in his desk …¬†I will make sure he brings it home when pick him up.¬†

His picture –

Dillon's picture of Chance

“Please ask him what the drawing is about when you get a moment.”

Tried asking Dillon …. He said the puppy is protecting… I asked was it protecting you he said. “No mummy it’s not uncle Ant.” ¬†I then asked who… he said he doesn’t know them.¬†I also asked who the puppy was, but he didn’t answer.

I knew the moment I saw the picture who the puppy was – Vincent always drew Chance this way. I knew who Chance was protecting. Larry has been telling me, and I’ve blogged about, how his child has been seeing a “doggy in a bright light” coming and playing with him. I explained this to Jane (she doesn’t read this blog… or anything¬†about the doll)¬†–

Wow really ?!!

I sent the picture to Larry –

Wow thats is so awesome!!

I love this proof that my baby boy lost his life, but is winning the fight against Haunted Harold!

Larry's dog6Chance2