This Harold the Doll story made me happy! Part 2


When Larry first told me the story of his son seeing my puppy Chance, who passed away 3 weeks ago, at the hand of the entity in the doll, it was on Facebook Messenger. We spoke on the phone last night, and he told me more. What he said, brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy.

He told me that his son saw Chance “two days before” which would have been Friday. His son was in the living room when he suddenly started laughing and rolling around on the floor, playing. He asked his son what he was doing and his son told him, “I’m playing with the nice doggy.” His son is young with the imagination typical of children that age, so Larry didn’t think much about it.

Later that day, his son started doing the same thing again – laughing, giggling, rolling around on the floor playing. “What are you doing now?” Larry asked.

“I’m playing with the same nice doggy. He came back!” his son answered. So Larry asked him what the dog looked like. “He’s black, with a little bit of brown.” That made Larry think of my fur baby. He’d seen pictures of Chance when I posted on Harold’s Facebook site that he had passed, and that I believed one of the entities in the doll was responsible.

Larry put together a collage of photos of 11 different dogs, different breeds, different ages, including a picture of Chance in the middle.

Larry's dog1Larry's dog2Larry's dog3Larry's dog4Larry's dog5Larry's dog6Larry's dog7Larry's dog8Larry's dog9Larry's dog10Larry's dog11

Larry showed his son the pictures twice, and each time he came to the 6th one, his son would point and say, “That’s him! He comes in a really bright light and plays with me.” That picture was my baby, Chance.

The entity has been terrorizing Larry’s son to the point where he won’t go into his room to get toys he wants to play with. Larry has to go get them. So God sent my puppy to go play with him. Which means that the entity, who thought it won, and is winning, lost again. I cannot tell you, and I couldn’t tell Larry, how much joy that gave me.


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