This Harold the Doll story has a happy ending! Part 3

When Larry first saw Harold the Doll on the Island of the Dolls episode of Ghost Adventures, in October of 2014, he was fascinated. He researched everything he could find on the internet, watched my vlogs, read my blogs, and even joined the Facebook site I created for Harold. “I wish there was something I could do to help Anthony solve this this mystery,” he thought to himself.

Soon after he had a vision he thought might reveal what is really happening in the doll. He contacted me and sent me a sketch he drew of what he saw.

Larry's sketch3

Then he had a professional sketch artist draw something for him to give to me.

Larry's sketch

Based on this sketch, and the brilliant research of my friend Donna, I was able to identify these three people and have portrait pictures of them.

Unfortunately, he and his family have been paying the price ever since. His son claimed to have an imaginary friend named, “Harold,” and even pointed him out in the sketch Larry drew (the face next to the arm). He told his father that his “friend” told him that Harold was in his room as they were speaking. Panicking, Larry ran into his son’s room and didn’t see anyone.

Larry told me that for the past week his son was afraid to go into his room, even to get toys to play with. He also said that the room felt “heavy.” I posted two blogs about what happened when his son saw what turned out to be Chance, my puppy who was killed by the entity in the doll just over three weeks ago.

Today, he sent me these messages, in italics. My responses are in quotes.

Holy cow!! Wow wow wow!! 

I just caught (my son) and Chance playing again. I tried to get my camera up on my phone to record it but it wouldn’t load. Then all of a sudden, (my son) sat up, stopped playing and looked at me. Then looked down at my feet. At that moment I felt fur against my legs, and a wet nose like Chance was sniffing me. No lie, this light showed up and went into (my son’s) room across the hall and the light got really bright…, and just disappeared five seconds later. 

(My son) said “Daddy I want to go play in my room. The doggy said it’s okay now. 

Oh my! I’m speechless after all I’ve seen and experienced. Wow!! 

(My son’s) room feels different… feels lighter… and happier in there.

“Wow! Do you mind if I share this?”

Sure, no problem. 

“Thanks Larry! Beautiful story!”

You’re welcome. I have been thanking Chance since it happened. (My son) is so happy, and has been in and out of his room since, playing and grabbing toys. I guess Chance overheard us talking last night and decided to clear the negative vibe in (my son’s) room for him. Chance is a miracle maker! He’s like (my son’s) guardian angel dog!!

(My son) asked, and is watching that cartoon movie, “All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

Awww… (my son) just asked if we could go to the pet store. I said, “Why? We already fed the snakes. We don’t need anything from there.” 

He said, “To get my doggy friend a bone and toys! And treats! Awww…. (My son) loves when Chance comes to visit him!!\

“Chance loves anything squeaky, and balls, like tennis balls. As far as treats goes, he loves everything, especially rawhide bones. Not that I really expect you to get anything like that, but I’m sure he would love it if you did!”

Awesome… I’m gonna have to take (my son) to get a few dog toys today to make him happy and hopefully Chance happy, and something to play with. I’m going to let (my son) get a few dog toys for Chance. That the least I can do for all he had done in the last few days. 

“If you hear him squeaking a toy, feel free to mess up your underwear!” As we were messaging back and forth, Bentley lay at my feet, softly whimpering. “I think that Bentley is missing his brother right now.”

When I seen the light earlier I was in shock. I can only imagine what would happen if I hear a toy squeaking and rolling around with no one around! LOL 

Chance and Bentley 2

Bentley is on the left. Chance is on the right.


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