This Harold the Doll story made me happy!

When Larry saw Harold on the Ghost Adventures show he immediately went online and found out everything he could about it. He went so far as to join the doll’s group on Facebook. He wished that there was something he could do to help me figure out the mystery. He had a vision which not only helped me, but I wrote about it in my soon to be released book.

Unfortunately, he and his family have been paying the price since; so I messaged him to find out how they were doing. He told me some things have been going on involving his young son that I won’t talk about here. I told him I wasn’t surprised because a number of people I talk about in my book are having things happen to them.

He also said something happened that he wasn’t sure he should mention, because it was “personal” to me. I told him I wanted to hear it. Here is his message to me (slightly edited) –

“… he (Larry’s son) has mentioned seeing and playing with a nice doggie that makes him feel happy and the doggie is really “bright.” Well I asked him what the doggie looked like. Gotta a lil description that made me think so i showed him pics of a lot of dogs fitting his description he gave and a few that didn’t. Well he picked out the picture of Chance and said that was him. The really nice dog he seen & played with.
Anthony’s note – Chance is my puppy who died three weeks ago today. I was convinced that the entity in the doll killed my fur baby before and I’m even more so now. But I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that my boy is helping comfort Larry’s son from the Other Side!

2 thoughts on “This Harold the Doll story made me happy!

  1. MarkB

    Anthony, that’s a great story to hear! People have always talked about what happens to our physical body when we die “since the dawn of time”, but almost no one ever talks about what happens to our beloved pets when they die.

    Thank you for sharing that story!

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