Haunted Harold – Take Extreme Caution!

I saw this comment on one of my vlogs, and I thought I’d share it with you-

Anthony, I don’t know why but I am really interested in this doll mostly because the spirits came into my life. When I watched your video, Haunted Harold answers my questions about Ghost Adventures, I was intrigued by these spirits. During the video though I felt a sharp sting on my back. I went to go check in the mirror and I had three scratch marks about a finger long! The weird thing is that they were not deep, yet the three scratches stung badly. At the time I was watching that video I was sitting on my bed not doing anything!

This is what I would say to others viewing and hopefully reading this, take extreme caution! If something happens to you I would not be surprised and would watch yourself. Anthony I would like to thank you on doing this and don’t give in. The spirits want to drag you down, fight with cheerfulness and happy thoughts.


Haunted Harold - Scratches

This pic is an example of the many pics of the scratches people have reported to me.


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