Haunted Harold – “You hate me!”

I must be getting close to something. For one thing, the entity in the doll is doing everything it can to stop me from reaching my final destination.

Secondly, I’m positive it’s not happy about my new book coming out soon.

For the past few days, my friend Vincent, the young boy in Australia has been really upset the past several days. For a couple of days, he cried a lot. I didn’t think it was a coincidence that it happened around the time my friend Andi offered to help me fix the butchered formatted copy of my manuscript.

Then yesterday, he was fighting with his brother, whom he adores; he bit his father, and called his mother profane names. He normally enjoys taking baths (I suggested that she put sea salt and holy water in the bath) and he refused, insisting on taking a shower instead. So I told his mother to ask him what he wanted to drink. “Chocolate milk.”

“Put holy water in his chocolate milk, without telling him, and give it to him to drink,” I told her. She did. He spat it out.

I’d been telling her all along that the demon was taking a different approach. Because of the Deliverance Ritual performed on him several months ago, while it couldn’t appear to him and scare him, it was planting thoughts in his head. This was confirmed when he told his mum, “You hate me! Uncle Ant hates me too!”

I prayed for him and asked a few others to do so as well.. He finally started calming down when his mother was able to put holy water on his finger. She said he gave her an “evil glare,” but then rubbed the liquid into his hands. Shortly afterwards, he fell asleep.

I told his mother to ask him to draw what was going on. This is what he drew.

Dillon's hate pic

I haven’t received an explanation of the pic yet, but I believe that’s him on the left. I don’t know what the scribbles are.

I think that the “barrier” –  God’s love for him, Saint Michael, our prayers, and the love of his family and me is what is protecting him from all of the hate. But he’s only 7 years old, autistic, and doesn’t understand.

As soon as I get to my final destination I’m going to try to find a priest or Bishop to help me deal with this thing. It’s more important to me than finding out why what happened, did happen, anymore.

Please remember him, his mum, and me, in your prayers. If I’m correct, and I’m sure I am, as I told his mum before the drawing, “He is trying to stop Vincent from helping me by convincing him I hate him.” I’ve sent him a video reasurring him that I love him, and asking him not to listen to “the Black thing,” but it’s wearing him down.


2 thoughts on “Haunted Harold – “You hate me!”

  1. Adrian

    the scribbles all say Hate there is one in the middle and four (top and right side of the middle one) hate. There are two on the left of the middle one but it is not as clear but ‘squished’ looking of the words hate. All the hate’s that encircle the middle one however are right side hmmm I don’t know how to covey this cleary in words I don’t have them yet but yes they are all the same word Hate with the H always in capital case and the rest in lower case.

    1. The young boy who drew this is autistic, and I’ve found that the best way to get him to communicate when it comes to this sort of thing is to have him draw what he’s seeing or feeling. He told his mum that the figure on the left is him. The two scribbles are his mum and me, and that we hate him.

      The thing is, he knows that’s not true. Personally, I believe it’s the entity associated with the doll planting these thoughts in his head.

      The young boy has been extremely helpful in helping me understand what is going on with the doll or, I should say, the entities associated with the doll. As far as I’m concerned this has to do with a few different things, but mostly, it’s because “black mean thing” as he’s called it, does not want him communicating with me. Because he is autistic, and lives in Australia, I rely on his mum to help him and me, understand what I need to know. If he thinks we hate him, it’s understandable he wouldn’t want to talk to us any longer.

      In my soon to be released book, I talk all about how I came in contact with this young boy, and his mum, and how they’ve been helping me solve this mystery, along with proof. The story is too long and too complicated to share here.

      I do appreciate your thoughts, Adrian!

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