An excellent question about Harold the Doll



I am not a religious person but i am curious to know if you have ever taken the doll into a catholic church and if so what was the outcome ?


Hi Ashlea,

I am a Roman Catholic, and a friend of mine suggested I take it to a church during Mass, and see what happens. I haven’t it yet, but I do plan to do so sometime in the near future.

Another friend and I were talking about the doll on the phone. As I was speaking to her she told me she heard a voice saying, “Talk to a priest. Talk to a priest.” She didn’t feel the instruction was for her, but for me. So, I’m going to do that as well. I will probably take the doll to Mass first, then talk to the priest. I’m also thinking that I’ll put a digital recorder in the bag so I can see if I catch any EVPs. 🙂

Whatever happens, or doesn’t happen, I’ll record a vlog about it.

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