Harold the Doll – Lord of the Flies

My friend Vincent, in Australia, drew a picture of my two dogs and me in the backyard of where we are staying. He said that the “black cloud” wanted to hurt us. The next day, my dog somehow got out of the backyard, and was hit by a car.

I took him in to see a veterinarian today who referred me to a hospital for surgery. I wondered if the demon who owns the doll was responsible because it happened the day after I submitted my manuscript about the doll for publication. As if to answer my question, when I got back home I saw a swarm of flies covering one of the front windows. I managed to get rid of them, and another swarm showed up. Then another.

Then I saw this upstairs, in two other windows…


When you watch the video, take a look at the attic window in the house next door at 2:09. I didn’t see it until others pointed it out. 


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