Will Harold the Doll burn?

Scratching head

Greetings! I recently became aware of Harold from Ghost Adventures. After reading Harold’s background one question crossed my mind. The original owner claimed he tried, and tried, but could not burn the doll. Have you tried to since? If not, why not ask Harold why he does not burn, or if you could burn him just to prove the fact that he won’t. As I am curious, and I’m sure many others are as well! Stay Metal, L. Van Horn

The TRUTH is that Greg, the original seller of the doll on eBay made that story up in order to help sell the doll. The woman who bought the doll says that, at first, she didn’t believe the doll was “haunted.” She then had her own personal experiences with the doll which she claims she did not make up, and began to believe the doll was cursed. I’ve owned the doll since 2004 and I can tell you that, there is something going on with the doll of a paranormal nature. As far as burning it goes, I have no intention of trying to 2 reasons… one, it might have unintended repercussions if I did, as far as releasing one of the spirits that is trapped within the doll.

Two, I have no intention of trying to prove it won’t burn. I believe it will.

Q & A about Harold the Doll

Harold May 25, 2015

Good evening. I just recently came across Harold today and I found him rather delightful. I’ve been recently viewing the videos on YouTube and I don’t know if you catch it before posting the clips but there is a high amount of spiritual activity surrounding him. (Multiple styles of orbs)

The part that really caught me off guard was everything I went to view a new video, I felt pressure on my neck in the exact same spot everytime I’ve opened a new video.

Anyways. Just thought that I would share that with you and Harold. Looking forward to new clips. Have a good night.


I hear from people all of the time about the reactions they have when they see a pic, read a blog post, or watch a video. I’m writing a book about the doll right now (almost done) and my editor complained of a splitting headache every time she tried to read my manuscript.
I really appreciate you letting me know!
Well, Harold is a truly exceptional being. I’m be looking forward to the release of your book. Harold’s been in your care longer than anyone else, right? How have you been able to do it for so long? 


Honestly, in large part, it’s because I kept it out of the public eye, and in storage from 2005 – 2013.
I brought it out and made known I own it because there’s so much misinformation out there about the doll that I wanted to correct. Since then, I’ve discovered a lot about the doll… thus the book.
It shows that you’re trying to show the world the truth behind Harold. It seems like that you even treat him as family. The book should be pretty interesting and I hope that it becomes a best seller. 
I just have one more question about Harold. Do you find that he’s always pretty active or is it only when he knows that theirs going to be an audience when you find him most active?


“Harold” is actually the name of a collective of 4 spirits and 1 demon. The demon and one of the four spirits hate the attention and actually have been doing all they can to stop it. For example, when I was writing my book I dealt with frequent bouts of depression and exhaustion.

It’s the three remaining spirits that I have high regard for. There are actually two additional spirits not trapped within the doll who are guiding me (along with God) as far as what to do with the doll.

Finally the light anomalies you see in the videos and vlogs, I frequently see in my everyday life, and not just when I’m around the doll either. I might be somewhere talking about Harold, or in my hotel room writing about the doll, or talking on the phone, and I’ll see them as well.

I don’t turn off the lights when I film my vlog so the anomalies can be seen… I turn them off for privacy.

I enjoyed chatting with you. Please feel free to stay in touch!