“I’m watching my life through a window.”

Since all of this has started happening to the family in Australia, in November of 2014, Jane and I have been in touch through Facebook Messenger. We have more than 14,000 messages between us so far. Here are some from just this morning, 6/30/15 (Mountain Standard Time) –

Me – I’m sorry things have been rough on your family lately.

Jane – It’s ok not your fault.. Thank you for sticking with us

Me – Of course… thank you for sticking with me!

I’m learning more and more with EVERY drawing [Vincent] does.

Jane – I truly hope what [Vincent] does helps you … I know some times I don’t get him to do it exactly when you want .. But I do try

Me – The drawings help TREMENDOUSLY.

Jane – If I tell you the truth I’m scared this thing ( the black blob thing ) is going to get to him again … frown emoticon

I’m so sorry for being the way I am Hun …

Some times like I’m watching my life through a window … Does that make sense ? … Sure I’m losing it some days frown emoticon

Me – You’re fine. I completely understand. I feel the same way about my own life.

Harold and the trappedChild

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