Haunted Harold and the Demon Dog

When I posted something about the child in Baltimore yesterday telling her father that Harold was her friend, I did so knowing that some people would tell me, “I told you so. I knew you were making a big deal out of nothing.”

When I posted things about the “demon dog” the young boy in Australia talked about seeing, people were telling me it was protecting me. Of course, others thought I’d lost my senses. Still others accused me of just plain lying.

Well, this morning, I heard from the father of the 3 year old child again.

Audrey mentioned this morning that “my friend has a doggy with him now daddy, its a scary doggy daddy”
Oh crap.
Vincent saw the same dog.
She doesn’t like going in her room by herself anymore. I have to walk with her anywhere she goes now. She’s petrified
Oh crap is right then.
Would you mind asking her to describe it?
She said its black and has big teeth and its eyes turned red. And she said “it scared me daddy it growled at me” then she said “my friend said not yet to the doggy”
It’s a replay of what happened to the boy in Australia. I thought it was over. I’d stopped it. I was wrong. I told the father in Maryland, “This time it does stop with Audrey.”
Ok. Yeah the more they mess with my child the more and more i want to stop them. And free the spirits they are holding hostage. They picked the wrong kid to mess with this time.
iPhone Ovilus picdemon-dog

One thought on “Haunted Harold and the Demon Dog

  1. Desiree sanquez

    I did have dreams similir to this dog but mine always appeared me running through woods and i have a wolf pack running along with me through woods i would end up face to face with 6ft 6 were wolf in my dream but odd part it would never hurt me it would fight the evil away from attacking me scenes then i draw were wolf and regular wolf drawlings what could this mean?

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