“It’s okay. It’s my friend, Harold.”

I mentioned before that a family in Baltimore with a three year old child has been having issues that apparently might have something to do with Harold the Doll. Amongst other things, the child saw this sketch, and said, “That’s my friend! That’s Harold!”

Larry's sketch4

The sketch was drawn by Larry, who had seen this figure in a vision when he was thinking he wished he could do something to help the spirit trapped in the doll.

Since the Deliverance ritual was conducted on a child in Australia, the child in Baltimore, MD has been telling it’s parents that Harold has been showing up at their home, usually in the child’s bedroom. The family in Australia asked about them, so I sent a message, and received this reply –

How’s everything there? Anything new?

For the most part good. Its strange i have things falling off the wall and doors opening up by themselves Audrey tells me “its okay it’s my friend” or … “Its ghost”

i tried to message you this a week ago but my brand new laptop crashed and i have to get it repaired. I was reading some of your post about Harold and went to click send a message to you and computer just crashed. Then my phone was going crazy it wouldn’t let me use the messenger app. I’m shocked its letting me now.


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