“Who’s there?” Harold the Doll?

I rarely speak of personal experiences with the doll but this is one of those that involves other people. The hotel I live in recently changed hands so we have a new General Manager whom I’ll talk about in a bit.

Yesterday, the Assistant Manager asked me if I knocked on her door. She lives in the hotel too. I told her no, I had no reason to. She said that someone knocked on her door, and when she looked out her peep hole she could of sworn it was me she saw walking away.

I told her that that same night, someone knocked on my door around midnight. I looked out the peep hole and didn’t see anyone. I opened the door, and didn’t see anyone in the hallway.

This morning, Wayne, another long term guest, told me that last night someone pounded on his door. He opened his door, and there was no one there. “There is no way someone could have gotten down the hall and around the corner before I opened my door,” he told me.

“Who knows how many other people this has happened to who aren’t saying anything?” I speculated.

This evening I was talking to the GM, and conversation turned to the most famous guest in the hotel (not me). We talked about it very briefly and moved on to other things. I got the feeling he had heard about the doll from the previous manager, and didn’t want to hear much more. As we were talking the hotel phone rang. “There’s someone in my room!” a hysterical voice screamed.


“I’m in the bathroom! Someone is trying to break in!”

“What room are you in?”

When the dust all settled the 13 year old girl, one of the family who lived there told the police that she was in the bathroom taking a bath. Even though she was alone, she locked the door. Suddenly, the handle started jiggling as though someone were trying to open the door. Even though her grandmother was at work, and not expected to be home, she called out, “Grandma? Do you need to get in the bathroom?”

No answer. The door knob started jiggling harder, and “someone” began pushing against the door. She grabbed the handle and could feel it going up and down in her hand. With her free hand she called the front desk, who instructed her to call 911.

A check of the room showed no one in it, and no forced entry. Her grandmother arrived just before the police did. Her mother didn’t really believe her. She swears “someone” tried to break into the bathroom with her in it.

Was it Harold? I don’t know. But something weird is going on here in the hotel.


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