Is this why Harold the Doll attacks?

I think I just discovered an important clue that’s been right in front of me for a year and a half now. Thanks to Lockdown Paranormal.

I’ve been writing about my experiences with Harold in a book, and I finished the chapter about the “preliminary” investigation Lockdown Paranormal did on the doll. I decided to review the videos they posted of their investigation, again, and when I came to the one above I heard something I hadn’t heard before. When asked, “Who are you?” there is a breathy answer – “None of your business.”

It was while he was reviewing the evidence that the lead investigator heard this and was attacked. People have been asking why some people are affected, and others are not. I think I may have just found out.

I was also listening to the “screams” they identified. One of them sounds, to me, like “Help me!”

Another sounds to me like, “Help me!” “Mom!”

I was chilled by what I believed I heard.


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