“I’m watching my life through a window.”

Since all of this has started happening to the family in Australia, in November of 2014, Jane and I have been in touch through Facebook Messenger. We have more than 14,000 messages between us so far. Here are some from just this morning, 6/30/15 (Mountain Standard Time) –

Me – I’m sorry things have been rough on your family lately.

Jane – It’s ok not your fault.. Thank you for sticking with us

Me – Of course… thank you for sticking with me!

I’m learning more and more with EVERY drawing [Vincent] does.

Jane – I truly hope what [Vincent] does helps you … I know some times I don’t get him to do it exactly when you want .. But I do try

Me – The drawings help TREMENDOUSLY.

Jane – If I tell you the truth I’m scared this thing ( the black blob thing ) is going to get to him again … frown emoticon

I’m so sorry for being the way I am Hun …

Some times like I’m watching my life through a window … Does that make sense ? … Sure I’m losing it some days frown emoticon

Me – You’re fine. I completely understand. I feel the same way about my own life.

Harold and the trappedChild

Coincidence, or Harold the Doll?


About three months ago a friend of mine went to see a psychic who told her, “…your medium friend will be moving here to New Jersey in 6 months.”

She wanted to know if that was true and I told I was thinking of moving, but to New England… not New Jersey, in August. Now that I’ve decided where I’m moving to, I messaged her to let her know.

We were messaging each other on Facebook and our conversation turned to Harold the Doll. As I was filling her in on some of the latest things that have been going on the wifi in my hotel went on the fritz. Not only that, but the hotel elevator became stuck, with me in it.

When everything was finally straightened out, I saw these messages from her –

I think I lost you… frown emoticon My computer is acting up…

You ok? Did I say something wrong?



Haunted Harold and the Demon Dog

When I posted something about the child in Baltimore yesterday telling her father that Harold was her friend, I did so knowing that some people would tell me, “I told you so. I knew you were making a big deal out of nothing.”

When I posted things about the “demon dog” the young boy in Australia talked about seeing, people were telling me it was protecting me. Of course, others thought I’d lost my senses. Still others accused me of just plain lying.

Well, this morning, I heard from the father of the 3 year old child again.

Audrey mentioned this morning that “my friend has a doggy with him now daddy, its a scary doggy daddy”
Oh crap.
Vincent saw the same dog.
She doesn’t like going in her room by herself anymore. I have to walk with her anywhere she goes now. She’s petrified
Oh crap is right then.
Would you mind asking her to describe it?
She said its black and has big teeth and its eyes turned red. And she said “it scared me daddy it growled at me” then she said “my friend said not yet to the doggy”
It’s a replay of what happened to the boy in Australia. I thought it was over. I’d stopped it. I was wrong. I told the father in Maryland, “This time it does stop with Audrey.”
Ok. Yeah the more they mess with my child the more and more i want to stop them. And free the spirits they are holding hostage. They picked the wrong kid to mess with this time.
iPhone Ovilus picdemon-dog

“It’s okay. It’s my friend, Harold.”

I mentioned before that a family in Baltimore with a three year old child has been having issues that apparently might have something to do with Harold the Doll. Amongst other things, the child saw this sketch, and said, “That’s my friend! That’s Harold!”

Larry's sketch4

The sketch was drawn by Larry, who had seen this figure in a vision when he was thinking he wished he could do something to help the spirit trapped in the doll.

Since the Deliverance ritual was conducted on a child in Australia, the child in Baltimore, MD has been telling it’s parents that Harold has been showing up at their home, usually in the child’s bedroom. The family in Australia asked about them, so I sent a message, and received this reply –

How’s everything there? Anything new?

For the most part good. Its strange i have things falling off the wall and doors opening up by themselves Audrey tells me “its okay it’s my friend” or … “Its ghost”

i tried to message you this a week ago but my brand new laptop crashed and i have to get it repaired. I was reading some of your post about Harold and went to click send a message to you and computer just crashed. Then my phone was going crazy it wouldn’t let me use the messenger app. I’m shocked its letting me now.

“Who’s there?” Harold the Doll?

I rarely speak of personal experiences with the doll but this is one of those that involves other people. The hotel I live in recently changed hands so we have a new General Manager whom I’ll talk about in a bit.

Yesterday, the Assistant Manager asked me if I knocked on her door. She lives in the hotel too. I told her no, I had no reason to. She said that someone knocked on her door, and when she looked out her peep hole she could of sworn it was me she saw walking away.

I told her that that same night, someone knocked on my door around midnight. I looked out the peep hole and didn’t see anyone. I opened the door, and didn’t see anyone in the hallway.

This morning, Wayne, another long term guest, told me that last night someone pounded on his door. He opened his door, and there was no one there. “There is no way someone could have gotten down the hall and around the corner before I opened my door,” he told me.

“Who knows how many other people this has happened to who aren’t saying anything?” I speculated.

This evening I was talking to the GM, and conversation turned to the most famous guest in the hotel (not me). We talked about it very briefly and moved on to other things. I got the feeling he had heard about the doll from the previous manager, and didn’t want to hear much more. As we were talking the hotel phone rang. “There’s someone in my room!” a hysterical voice screamed.


“I’m in the bathroom! Someone is trying to break in!”

“What room are you in?”

When the dust all settled the 13 year old girl, one of the family who lived there told the police that she was in the bathroom taking a bath. Even though she was alone, she locked the door. Suddenly, the handle started jiggling as though someone were trying to open the door. Even though her grandmother was at work, and not expected to be home, she called out, “Grandma? Do you need to get in the bathroom?”

No answer. The door knob started jiggling harder, and “someone” began pushing against the door. She grabbed the handle and could feel it going up and down in her hand. With her free hand she called the front desk, who instructed her to call 911.

A check of the room showed no one in it, and no forced entry. Her grandmother arrived just before the police did. Her mother didn’t really believe her. She swears “someone” tried to break into the bathroom with her in it.

Was it Harold? I don’t know. But something weird is going on here in the hotel.

Is this why Harold the Doll attacks?

I think I just discovered an important clue that’s been right in front of me for a year and a half now. Thanks to Lockdown Paranormal.

I’ve been writing about my experiences with Harold in a book, and I finished the chapter about the “preliminary” investigation Lockdown Paranormal did on the doll. I decided to review the videos they posted of their investigation, again, and when I came to the one above I heard something I hadn’t heard before. When asked, “Who are you?” there is a breathy answer – “None of your business.”

It was while he was reviewing the evidence that the lead investigator heard this and was attacked. People have been asking why some people are affected, and others are not. I think I may have just found out.

I was also listening to the “screams” they identified. One of them sounds, to me, like “Help me!”

Another sounds to me like, “Help me!” “Mom!”

I was chilled by what I believed I heard.