I’d like to ask about Harold the Doll

hi anthony i have two questions i would like to ask you about harold if you would be so kind since he was on ghost adventures,has his arm been fixed and have you ever asked the spirit/spirits within the doll are they trapped/bounded or do they choose to stay?
The arm hasn’t been repaired, which is why it’s in the black bag that you saw Zak Bagans carrying it in into the shack before all hell broke loose.
There are four “spirits” in the doll, and one demon that isn’t in the doll but it and the doll appear together. Three of the spirits are confined within a “cage,” and one of the spirits is shackled to the cage.
My goal at this time is to find out how this happened, and release the three spirits in the cage.
Melanie's portrait
This was created by Melanie Blystra, a New Mexico artist, after seeing a vision of the nature of the doll. It corroborates other independent information I’ve received about the doll from two other sources, none of whom know each other.

I opened Haunted Harold’s bag….

I opened the bag just a few minutes ago for the first time since the end of February. I wanted to take a closer look at the doll and compare it to pics of composition “mama dolls.”

I pulled out the Saint Benedict crucifix, and was just about to bless the doll with holy water, when the top of the bag slowly closed on its own!

I blessed the crucifix, when I noticed Chance and Bentley next to me watching what I was doing. Bentley was fine, but Chance was skittish.

I held the crucifix up to Bentley and he sniffed it. Chance, however, was eyeing it suspiciously. I started to offer the crucifix for him to sniff and he ran away.

The whole scene repeated itself a couple of minutes later.

Now I’m noticing the beginning of a headache coming on.

Harold May 25, 2015