Harold the Doll is “my friend, daddy.”

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a man who told me that his 3 year old daughter had an “invisible friend.” She started seeing her “friend” shortly after he became interested in Harold the Doll. He asked me if I thought one might have to do with the other.

Honestly, most children around her age have imaginary friends, but he was concerned enough that I sent him a sketch provided by a man named Larry of a vision he had of the doll.

Larry's sketch

I asked him to show his daughter the sketch and see what she said. “That’s Harold!” she exclaimed, pointing at the man in the sketch.

“Who’s Harold?” he asked her. He was stunned. He had never mentioned Harold to her before.

“He is!” she said pointing again. “That’s Harold!”

He not only told me about it… I saw it. He recorded her reaction on video, at my request.

A few other strange things happened in the days that followed, but then everything seemed to calm down again. She stopped talking about her “friend.” Her father thought, or at least hoped, that whomever this friend was, he was gone for good.

Then it started again. He contacted me, just this afternoon, and I sent him this sketch –

Larry's sketch3

He printed it out and we were communicating with one another on Facebook Messenger, when he sent me this message –

Something weird happened…. [My daughter] just walked up an look at the page and looked at me and said “daddy why you draw my friend” i said huh who’s ur friend [she] pointed to ….

Larry's sketch4

[She] said “see daddy thats my friend”

He and I talked quite a bit more. I sent him a picture of a portrait of a man I believed to be “Harold” although that was not his real name when he was alive. I asked him to show it to her. She confirmed it was “Harold” in the picture.

[She] said “daddy thats Harold my friend see” and pointed to her room. Holy shit my heart just sunk. There is no one here but me and her. Well physically here at least that i know of.

A few months ago the mother in Australia sent me this image, which came up on an Ovilus app in an iPhone of a woman she barely knew –

iPhone Ovilus pic

A few weeks later, I received this from Melanie Blystra. It was her own vision of what she saw going on in the doll. I sent him a pic and asked him to show it to his daughter.

Melanie's portrait

I asked her if she knows anyone she pointed to the the lady and said “her daddy”. I said what her name she replied “her said her mommy”

According to the three year old, the woman behind bars in the image above is “mommy.” The boy in the green shirt is her son. The other boy is her son’s “best friend.”

They’re stuck. They’re scared. They want to get out.

I wrote to him, “Ask her one more question. Ask her if she knows why the family is stuck.”

Well i asked her and she said “daddy they are stuck” and she grunted/growled and pushed my phone away and said “they cant get out”

Then i walked away as i was i heard her say … “My friend is angry”

What was especially chilling for me was when I was told that all of this started up again two weeks ago.

It was two weeks ago that “The Roman Rite of Deliverance” was conducted by two Catholic priests for the family in Australia to free their son from “diabolical oppression.” I couldn’t help but think of how the mother told me that her son said that there was a woman who remained behind after the ritual, and that she was “happy and always singing.”

Then one night before he fell asleep, he told her that “the woman was sad.” “She’s sad because she said she has to leave and help someone else.”

“Harold” seems to found his way from Queensland, Australia… to Baltimore, Maryland.


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