Harold the Doll flashlight surprise.


I received this question in response to my vlog about the Mag Lite flashlight which unexpectedly turned itself on.

Anthony, that’s pretty amazing! But if I’m not mistaken, it takes a lot of energy for spirits to physically turn on the flashlights. Have you thought about going back to using the SB7 spirit box again? And do you know anyone in the field who can professionally analyze all the evidence you’ve recorded thus far who can pick up things you may have missed in your sessions?




Hi Mark. I am planning on using the SB7 again.

Now that the attacks on the family in Australia are over, and I know what is going on, I want to begin  an intense investigation of the doll. I was thinking that, even though I was skeptical of the flashlight test, it gave me accurate answers before, although I didn’t believe them at the time.

I bought two brand new Mag Lites, and found them frustrating to get adjusted correctly to do the test, so I literally gave up trying.

The next evening, I closed the curtains to my room, but didn’t turn the lights on. Then my room lit up which surprised me. I looked and that flashlight was on.

What surprised me even more than that was that it was hanging off the nightstand the way it was. I thought that perhaps it was moved in order to be able to turn it on. That was my original intent for recording the vlog. To make note of the position of the flashlight, for myself. Nothing more.

Then it started responding to my comments and questions….

As far as asking someone else to “professionally” analyze the evidence, I have. Interestingly, he never got back to me with his findings.

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