Haunted Harold Vlog – This scared me.

Saint Michael #1


I was recording a vlog, which I haven’t done in several weeks. Something happened while I was filming it.

I’ll just say that what happened is one of the top two scariest experiences I’ve had with the doll since I’ve owned it.

When I make these videos, they’re off the cuff, unscripted, and shot on my Samsung 5 camera, and loaded from my phone directly on to YouTube. You will see exactly what I saw as I was seeing it. Nothing is edited here, except for previous footage I shot before deciding to do it over.

I may sound composed, but inside, I was freaking out. If you listen closely you can hear my sudden asthma attack caused by what happened.

I’m going to make another vlog showing what led up to what happened. In the meantime, here’s the vlog as it happened.


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