“Can you prove Harold is haunted?”

I was asked on Facebook what kind of proof I have that the doll is what I say it is. He went on to say that 95% of the paranormal claims made on Facebook are bullshit (his word).

I asked what he meant by “proof.” He not only didn’t respond, he disappeared from the the group! [I have a group dedicated to discussing Harold on Facebook. Harold the Haunted Doll – send a request if you’d like to join.]


Anyway, I private messaged him the following –


What happened to you? I asked what you constituted as proof, and you disappeared!

What’s up with that?

I have tons of “evidence.”  Can I say conclusively that the evidence constitutes proof? No. Which is why I wanted to know what “proof “means” to you.

Again, gravity hasn’t been proven. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE on Facebook believes in it. So I guess they’re all full of shit? Is that your contention?


There are a lot of men and women in prison who are there because they were “proven” to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, only to be “proven” innocent later. Much of what scientists believed years ago has been proven to be wrong today. Much of what scientists believe today, will sooner or later be “proven” incorrect in the future.


So, in your opinion, what constitutes “proof” when it comes to the paranormal?


Scratching head


One thought on ““Can you prove Harold is haunted?”

  1. For me proof when it comes to the paranormal is what we as individuals have experienced, what we’ve seen with our own eyes, and what/how we feel when it happens. I’ve experienced a lot of things paranormal not only in my own home and in other places, but also with Harold. It’s up to others whether they choose to believe what you say or not. Frankly I don’t care whether others believe what I’ve experienced or not because I know, without a doubt what I have seen, felt, and heard. There will always be people who doubt until they experience something on their own.

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