Harold the Doll’s Hell Hound

I received the following (excerpted) message from a friend of mine who knows very little about Harold the Doll. She told me she was talking to someone who knows NOTHING about the doll –

“Long story … a mother who I know from school , not really friends, but always talk. She was saying how (my son) was a sensitive soul, so decided to tell her how I thought (my son) … sees peoples auras. She gets out her iPhone and says let’s try this … was some stupid app …. (not sure of name ) … I was like yeah right this is going to work , Well see for yourself …… Words that appeared on her screen frown emoticon

Might just be coincidence but scared the shit out of me.”

Read the messages from the BOTTOM UP.

I have started receiving warnings lately to “beware of the black dog that hides in the shadows,” which is often referred to as a “hell hound.” I believe that is the dog that is referred to here.



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