A spirit in Haunted Harold is identified

Thanks to Donna, Larry and a couple of people who asked NOT to be named, I now know that the name of the woman in the doll is Alma (I’m withholding her last name).

I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this! We still have a ways to go, but this is the end of the beginning!

Artwork by Melanie Blystra.


Harold's drawing

Harold the Doll’s Demon Dog 2

Black demon dog

First of all, I accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the misunderstandings, and misconceptions about Harold the Doll. I put it in storage in 2005, after I became convinced that there was, in fact, validity to the doll being “haunted,” or even “cursed.” I was HOPING that interest in it would eventually go away, and I could investigate it quietly.

I was WRONG.

Since that time interest in the doll is probably higher than in 2004-2005. Unfortunately, what most people believe about the doll comes from the original eBay listings about it, most of which were fabricated.

I decided in 2013 to reveal that I own the doll, and to set the record “straight.” For one thing, it hasn’t been owned by several people, some of whom have died from looking into it’s eyes.

I decided to go ahead and resume my investigation by first having a Clairvoyant give me a reading of the doll. She assured me that she knew nothing about the doll, and hadn’t seen it on the Internet. She didn’t even believe an object could be “haunted.” Her name is Erica Goodson. She did a second reading and changed her mind.

Erica did a total of 3 readings on the doll, refusing to touch it; she barely even glanced at it.

A couple of days later, I received an email, and then had several phone conversations with a young woman who claimed she had dreams of owning the doll since she was a child. She then told me about her dreams, much of which corroborated what Erica told me in her reading!

For the record, what Erica told me me has NEVER been made public.

I decided to pursue my investigation along the lines of the information Erica provided me. As part of that investigation, I agreed to have Lockdown Paranormal their own investigation on the doll, while I watched. Much of what they gathered seem to corroborate what Erica told me.

During their evidence review something happened to one of the investigators that caused them to close their investigation and tell me they wanted nothing more to do with the doll.

A year later, I was asked if I would allow The Ghost Adventures Crew to investigate the doll in an episode they were doing on the Island of the Dolls, in Mexico. After they reassured me that the doll would be taken seriously and not be treated as a prop I agreed to do so. NONE of the stories I shared with them were shared on the episode. Much of what they talked about they got from the ORIGINAL listings about the doll on eBay. Also, I did NOT provide them with the suitcase you see the doll in on the show.

I agreed to allow them to borrow the doll because I was thinking they’d have resources to investigate the doll that I didn’t have and hopefully provide answers I was looking for.

After the episode aired I decided to conduct my own investigation of the doll. During that time I was contacted by a woman who told me said she was looking up Annabelle on the Internet when she ran across a reference to Harold. She had the image of the doll on her iPad and her son, who was 6 years old at the time, saw it. He immediately became upset, telling her that a mother wanted the children in the doll to be released and come from out of the darkness into the sunlight. She told me she had no idea what her son meant but felt she should share it with me. I asked her to let me know if he said anything more about the doll.

He did have more to say… much more… providing substantial clues leading to the identity of the doll. These clues led me literally, around the world. Then he provided me with a clue, a location, that would give me the starting point to begin my search for the truth.

I asked his mother to ask him what I should know about the location. She told me that, according to him, I already knew everything I needed to know. A moment later, he told her to tell me, “Beware of the black dog that hides in the shadows.”

I have a drawing which not only shows the location but also shows a black animal figure in it, which my team and I were trying to understand what it was, when he said this. His remark explained it.

Further research suggested that the “black dog” is demonic in nature; at the very least a warning of impending death. Am I saying that’s what it means? No… but, later, he did draw another “clue” with the “black dog” in it, along with the word, “Die.”

Then the ITC message from a woman who apparently knows nothing about the doll (see my previous post) comes up with the word “dog” coming first.

What does all this mean? I honestly don’t know.

I do know that despite all of the opposition, ridicule, even threats, against me; and thanks to the support I have received, I am continuing my search for the truth, as we speak.

Harold the Doll’s Hell Hound

I received the following (excerpted) message from a friend of mine who knows very little about Harold the Doll. She told me she was talking to someone who knows NOTHING about the doll –

“Long story … a mother who I know from school , not really friends, but always talk. She was saying how (my son) was a sensitive soul, so decided to tell her how I thought (my son) … sees peoples auras. She gets out her iPhone and says let’s try this … was some stupid app …. (not sure of name ) … I was like yeah right this is going to work , Well see for yourself …… Words that appeared on her screen frown emoticon

Might just be coincidence but scared the shit out of me.”

Read the messages from the BOTTOM UP.

I have started receiving warnings lately to “beware of the black dog that hides in the shadows,” which is often referred to as a “hell hound.” I believe that is the dog that is referred to here.