Is Haunted Harold tricking me?

More than once, the word “hibidhop” has come up on my Ovilus 4. When I heard it, my first thought was “rabbit.” I thought about it but I didn’t follow up. Someone commented on one of my videos that she thought she’d heard “hipbidhop rabbits” in a kid’s nursery song.

So I looked it up as “hibidhop.” I didn’t think I’d find anything, and I didn’t. So I put in, “hippity hop.” What came up was “hippity hop rabbits.” At first, I thought, “That sounds familiar.” Then as I did just a little more of a search I realized why.

“Hippity Hop Rabbits” is the name of a magic trick usually done for children. As a matter of fact, I used to do the same trick when when I was a magician doing magic back in the day.

The trick involves “rabbits” and letting the kids think they know how the trick is being done as it’s happening. Not only do they think they know how it’s done, they’re CONVINCED they know what’s going on.

In the end they find out that they’ve been tricked.

Is “someone” trying to tell me something?

Or is this another ploy by the dark entity in the doll to try to throw me off?

Do you know of any nursery rhymes or songs about “hipbidhop rabbits?” If you do, please tell me what the title is!

Hippity hop rabbits


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