Haunted Harold video – My real life horror story.

Amber created not only the Doll Asylum, but the video entitled, “My real life horror story.” This is her story about creating it.

I’m finishing up an education in content/media marketing. Anthony is a friend and I thought a few of my new skills could be helpful to him, plus I could use the practice.

Anyways long story longer – every time I worked on anything Harold-related I had problems. Searches where he didn’t show up (I understand Google algorithms in ways too complicated to explain – that should not have happened). Culminating in the one thing that could end ANY work – my internet connection just completely went down. That cannot happen right now, I have too much to do, so I literally held a repairman hostage (FCC says they gotta stay til I have a working line if they show up) until they sent trucks out to fix the line.

I have a pic of them up in the cherry picker running a new line. A new line because they said the old one looked like it had been chewed on by an animal. They have no idea how anything big enough to chew through there got out there (or how it lived through its chewing), but they had to run an entirely new line across the street from the main pole. (aka something huge was on a line over the street chewing?! wtf?!).

So I put Harold aside for a bit. I’m stubborn but not stupid. Glad it’s done though! Harold’s story is a pee your pants sorta deal. lol


Anthony’s note – Amber told me that the repairmen looked for the carcass of the “animal” because they were curious as to what could have possibly chewed through the line. Despite an extensive search they didn’t find a thing, which puzzled them even more.



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