Disturbing vision of Haunted Harold

For a year and a half, whenever anyone asked, I told them that this doll wasn’t “haunted” in the traditional sense of a spirit attachment, but that there was a spirit “trapped in,” or “tethered to,” the doll. Not that I knew what that meant or how it happened.

When I watched the psychic medium on the Ghost Adventures episode say that there were 5 spirits in the doll, I disagreed. I only knew of one. Then, because of evidence that corroborated what she said on the show, I too, began to believe that there were, in fact, 5 spirits in the doll.

In time, I came to understand that 4 of the spirits were trapped, and one of them was their “jailer.” I wondered, other than being malevolent, powerful, sinister, and manipulative, what the nature was of that particular one? Was it human at one time? A demon, as many have suggested? A djinn?”

Last night, with the help of my friend Chris, I conducted an investigation of the doll using a REM-POD, an Olympus digital recorder, a SB7 spirit box, and an Ovilus 4. Beforehand, when I thought about my objective for the investigation, I decided I hoped to learn the nature of the spirits, and what being “trapped” meant. How did it work?

To give you an idea as to what happened, the REM-POD which was being activated constantly through out the day, was silent for most of the investigation. The digital recorder captured few, if any EVPs (I’ve yet to listen to the entire recording). Very little came out of the spirit box, except Chris believed he heard his name called out. The Ovilus, normally a chatterbox on “Dictionary” mode was also silent for the most part, an on the “Phonetic” mode, we heard what sounded like “stop” each time I asked what it wanted.

Towards the end, I verbally warned the spirit who seemed to be keeping the other 4 captive that I would find the answers I was looking for, and it knew I would. The truth was that afterwards, I was exhausted, and discouraged.

Then today, January 24th, 2015, I received the following message from Larry –

I had a vision/dream of Harold as the doll. He was sitting by himself in this endless emptiness with 4 jars of light (they just glowed bright – 3 were really bright, the 4th seemed dimmed} and the 4 jars were in a big jar full of black smoke like substance. As I was thinking about the one dimmed light inside the jar I got the overwhelming feeling that the black smoke was slowly leaking into that jar dimming its light. I get the feeling its taking a good thing and turning it into a dark thing. I have no clue what it means.
Harold the doll said “help them” then it was gone. I then was wide awake and at attention. I have the feeling that I had to tell you this.
Harold and the trappedChild
 I believe another piece of the puzzle just fell into place.

3 thoughts on “Disturbing vision of Haunted Harold

  1. Not directly related to the main content of the post, but curiosity regarding the opening paragraph; you say you don’t consider Harold to be “traditionally haunted” but rather that something(s) are “tethered” to him; according to your definition, what’s the difference? Just curious.

    1. Great question Kaine. When most people speak of an object being “haunted,” they are referring to a spirit being “attached” to an object. I’ve owned this doll since 2004 and someone suggested to me back then that the spirit was attached to the doll, but trapped inside of it, due to some sort of “gypsy magic.” I asked her how she knew this, and she said it was a feeling she received being around it.

      In 2013, a clairvoyant did a reading confirming this idea, even though she had never heard of, or seen the doll, before. She told me that there was one spirit, a young male, trapped “within” the doll by some sort of ritual magic rite. What that didn’t explain was the experiences people were having not only around the country, but around the world, of being visited or even attacked by the doll. It seemed to be able to leave the doll, but always had to come back to the doll. That’s why I began to think it was “tethered” to the doll.

      Then the Ghost Adventures Crew asked if they could bring the doll with them to Mexico to see what would happen with it at “The Island of the Dolls.” A psychic medium they used said that there were 5 spirits in the doll, which I didn’t believe. Before, and after, the airing of that episode, several things happened to confirm that idea. I slowly came to accept the idea that there was more than one spirit in the doll, but were in fact, five. More chilling is the idea that one of them seems to be keeping the other four prisoner.

      Thanks for your question!


      1. So, just to be clear, the difference is between being “attached” (or linked/attracted to/bonded with) the object, as is the staple in most ghost stories, as opposed to forcibly “chained” to it?

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