Haunted Harold may think it’s won this one, but….

Did the investigation as promised, with my friend Chris to witness it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do it “live” as I had planned. I’ll post the video, uncut, unedited, un-anything on YouTube in the next few days.

I wish I could say I’m happy with the results, but I’m not. It did prove to me that this isn’t some “ordinary” spirited doll. It doesn’t move, and it doesn’t write “Help me” on parchment paper either. It’s a vessel for 4 spirits trapped there by a malevolent spirit (demon?).

The apparent lack of results proved to me what I’ve believed for a few weeks now… the dark entity doesn’t want to be disturbed. It likes things as it is. It’s doing everything it can to get me to back off. Using the technology, as you’ll see, only proved to be confusing at best. At least tonight.

I do have an “ace in the hole,” I can’t share with you right now. But at least one of the other spirits has found a way to communicate with me what I need to know and what I need to do next.

Harold's Live Event


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