“I was defending Haunted Harold….”

Well that’s the last time I say anything.. Yesterday in a paranormal group.. The admins put up a pic of the doll Harold and the comments flew around like crazy.
One asked “how it was possible to live with such a doll” and ” wouldnt the owner be better off placing the doll inside a museum or to ppl like the warrens ”
I went to comment on this as i was annoyed at some of the comments being made about harold and his owner.
I thought “ill set em straight! ”
I herd an evil “nooo” come from the hall and thought “wtf?” but ignored it and made my comment that…
“The doll shldnt be laughed at and his owner always has holy water and a crusifix on hand, but he, his puppy and his closest friends have indeed been affected at times but his owner lets the doll know what is and isnt accepted if he goes too far! ”
Well that stired the pot so i posted a link to the official website and told them to read and educate themselves
Later getting changed for bed and pulling on my boxer shorts.. What do i notice? .. I did not feel it but strange how it looks exactly like a little hand and when i seen it, i got a massive head spin and sick feeling in my stomach.. It lasted a few mins and i said “id never tell ppl about the doll again” and it stopped.. I cld be wrong but im thinking he didnt appreciate me talking about him and passing on the wedsite address
I haven’t spoken to Anthony Quinata yet or told him, due to time zones differences and i didnt want to annoy him if sleeping!
But what do u think. Would I be correct or am I thinking too much onto things??

Name withheld to protect privacy and (hopefully) prevent further attacks by the doll.

What happened to you certainly does look and sound like an attack by one of the spirits in the doll. Keep in mind, I believe (I’m sure, actually) that there are 5 spirits in the doll, and ONE of them definitely doesn’t like the attention. I believe it’s because it’s malevolent, and is holding the other 4 “hostage.” I hope that you’re okay.


Harold and Missy

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