Another Haunted Harold story

People constantly ask me if I’m willing to sell, or just give them the doll. What they don’t get is that this is REAL, and people are getting hurt. This ISN’T television. This is a REAL LIFE horror movie, and I know that people are being affected who aren’t admitting it to me.

But I continually get reports from people not only around the U.S., but around the world; like the following from Britteny –

“A friend and I attended the psychic fair in November at the A.R.E. here in Virginia Beach. I had told her that we should see Anthony and to see what time he was speaking.

I was telling her about Anthony and how he owned Harold the haunted doll. We were looking around when I had a sharp, stabbing pain in my lower back. The pain didn’t seem to be going away, at all. I was almost on the floor when a guy came over to put me in a chair.

My friend was standing beside me looking on her phone. I said “what are you looking at” she told me she was looking up the Facebook group for Harold. I told her to stop, put the phone away, she did and the pain slowly started to go away. I thought I was losing it…and I’m sure she did to. On the way home we were talking about what happened and she asked if I thought it was the doll. My response was “I have no idea but I hope he left the damn thing at home.”

I woke up around 4am the next day and took a shower when I noticed a huge, nasty bruise on my stomach. I know I didn’t hit my stomach on anything. I had a Dr. look at it and he had no explanation. [He] said it could have been something with my spleen but I should have been sick.

I have never even said that dolls name out loud again.”Britteny

2 thoughts on “Another Haunted Harold story

  1. Haunted harold are you really trying to sell it on e.bay?
    If you are going to sell it would strongly recommend you do it a.s.a.p dolls are good sellers on e.bay but it must be sold to collector as a child would not be ideal for ownership of this doll

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