Mocking Haunted Harold

Hi Anthony,

I was showing the girlfriend of a friend of my son’s, a video of Harold and telling her all about the Ghost Adventures show with Harold and all that.  Well – well my son, who is 17,was acting like a jackass and was – well let me tell you the truth –  he was humping a doll making fun of me n Kaitlyn watching Harold.

I told him, “You better not mess around like that.” I don’t know what all he was saying and doing to a doll of my daughters, I had saved- it’s my favorite one –  TO PICK ON ME!

He put the doll up on a dresser and set his cell phone between its legs similar to how you set up Harold [in the video flashlight experiment] and HIS FACE WAS PRICELESS AND FROZEN WHEN THE QUESTIONS HE ASKED WERE BEING ANSWERED!  I thought his friend was texting his phone to make the light turn on, but then Kaitlyn said, “Ms Sherry, I’m holding Sage’s phone.”

I told Devinn, “That’s grandpa trying to teach you not to mess around with that stuff!” For 5 min Devinn asked questions- I have the video I’m trying to post it on YouTube but it’s graphic cuz we are cussing a lot, cuz we were freaked out! 

Funny thing- at the end I called Devinn a dumbass for mocking the dolls and the light kept blinking.


iPhone 6


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